Wednesday, 31 December 2014

2015 goals - Happy New Year :)

Hello hope we are already for a new year..I have never been one for New year resolutions but would like set my self some goals for 2015..

Goal 1 : beat my Half Marathon P.B
Goal 2 : compete a longer distance event marathon at least, ultra if possible.
Goal 3 : Start open water swimming training.
Goal 4 : complete 10 events at least.

these are things I would like to do...I do not want put pressure on, this all about me doing things for enjoyment and to make my life more positive...and make changes to help beat depression.

I wish you all a Happy New Year I wish you health and I wish you happiness....and I hope you accomplish your long as they are nice! ;)

Friday, 26 December 2014

a Late Merry Christmas...yep I'm still here!

Firstly Merry Christmas to all and sorry I'm late to wish it,things have been a bit difficult what with injuries playing up and my old enemy of depression has had a field day last few weeks...but I am still here and feeling better physically which helps me mentally...

so to update whats happening I'm starting training regular again from next week its been off and on last couple of weeks,although I did get out today(Boxing day) for a late 4 miler to clear my head,it did hence I'm here writing to you all!

next event is still going to be at the start of March so that will help with positive thoughts as the last one did..

some final thoughts with the new year approaching, I hope you all had a good Christmas and my thoughts go out to all those who did not, I'm not good at advice but some things which help me...enjoy the little things they are easy to miss so you have to pay attention sometimes, and get out and run or walk or whatever you are able to helps focus on the good stuff.

Monday, 8 December 2014

update on last week.

Hell folks update time,leg stii been sore and painful on impact so no actual running last week :( got to the gym a few times though and did some hard work on the cross trainer. Yesterday did a good stamina session of 90 mins as do not want lost fitness I've worked for (not got much cannot afford to lose it!) training tomorrow so see how leg feels will be happy if can run pain free and start training for next half marathon if not cross trainer again it shall be...trying keep positive.

not on compression been wearing the calf compression and seems to be helping, will start using more compression when really start training for next event

Friday, 5 December 2014

getting support from other runners on websites

A problem for a lot of people is running can be lonely many run alone and often when you start with others they may drop off and you find yourself training alone. I understand for some this is great maybe the only peace they get in a day! but for others like myself who need support and I am open that I do as depression is a constant battle, it can be a problem.

But there is support out there apart from attending a local running club which some may find difficult due to time location etc, there are many social websites now where runners of all levels support each other,offer advice and you can log and record your runs/miles or even find race details and much more. I personally use The RunningBug site if anyone wants add me as a friend feel free my username there is calladan I'll list some benefits.

  • Free to Join.
  • Get support and be supportive of other runners it helps motivate you and its good to talk trust me.
  • Log your runs and miles gives you a record to look back at of your times and distances, be proud of your achievements it will help drive you on to more!
  • list of races, it helps to have something to train for if your like me and the sense of achievement you'll get from a race is amazing along with the atmosphere on the day great supporters and competitors races bring out the best in people :)
  • Competitions, free stuff is always nice!
  • training guides for all distances and running abilities

there are others but that's the key ones to me, running is all about enjoyment and anything that helps you enjoy it more take advantage. :)

as always thanks for reading and thanks to all the folks at

resting up poorly leg!

leg is sore again today do not want aggravate it so resting it up if cannot run by Sunday will do another long cross trainer session to keep up stamina(and try keep belly down).
 Using some 2XU calf guards/supports I was brought as a birthday present now, so will post a review of them next week and see if they help...really want to be running as things feeling more positive I know it makes a change! :) also with next race chosen and a friend has said will run it with me I want get training for 1st of march 2015 and half marathon 2.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

fight back today

Hello again world I'm still up and down like an elevator but managed a little fight back against depression again today,got to the gym could only run about 10 mins and right calf  was painful so still need lay off impact a while longer, but switched to the cross trainer and did an hour to keep cardio endurance up without impact calf was ok.

going to get some calf supports for after training to see if that helps will update again soon and thanks for those who stick with me,the battle against depression is a long one but its one I need to win

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

the bad days

Today is a you guys are aware the reason I started running again was to get fit but feel positive to fight depression is not a good day depression has hit back hard. Been let down and have few other problems struggling with and means I am down and without focus, I hope and will try pick myself up this week. But this is what the running helps fight

Sunday, 30 November 2014

X Factor session..

Got to the gym with my still painful calf this even and avoiding impact with running hence it was X Factor...well X(cross) trainer that is...did a good 45 min session to warm up legs and stretch them out calf feels better for it too.

then did a circuit and abs session hopefully calf be well enough to run on again later this week :)

next events!

I have been looking and deciding over the weekend and next event will be on 1st of March and another half marathon, although one on a flatter course! I have also been asked by a relative to take part in a tough mudder middle of the year in their team which sounds good.

I am going take on a few more events too though I want run in at least 6 next year but would like try for more :)

Friday, 28 November 2014

conwy half marathon 2014

and just if anyone wants some proof I actually did get out and do it :) here is some proof..there is some race day photo's will have to try get a copy.

The Half Marathon Aftermath.

Well the day may have come and gone but I'm still running! got ut a few times this week although yesterday (Thursday)  went a bit quick and pulled my left calf a bit just bit tight and cramped when I started running. So resting today and another day or two and then back training looks like I shall next be running in an event at the start of march all being well.

would like to run and enter more but I am  trying get my self confidence with people back, I still struggle in social interaction and find it hard leave the house most days so every run is a little victory, so until well enough to be able to work money is tight for events and running gear.

Monday, 24 November 2014

The Big day - Conwy 2014 half marathon

So the big day arrived yesterday and after a let down at the start when person who was supposed to be running it as well backed out at last minute, I still went though and it was a great day :)

The start by the quay was excellent really good atmosphere and during the whole race loads of support from spectators,even on the run up the Orme which I found hard going although I probably did the first 4 miles a bit too quick as well just with excitement of running in a crowd hard to pace yourself. After the run up the great Orme my legs were shot had nothing left but managed get around the rest of the course and finished in 1:48:33 and I'm happy with that.

now the big question would and will I do another...Yes! I am already looking at races and will be picking my next soon and will keep the blog going with my training and see how I get on in half marathon 2.

Thank you for people who showed support both online and the great people during the race both other runners and spectators, you really did make my day :)

Saturday, 22 November 2014

well final thoughts before tomorrow...not had a great week my other problems have overwhelmed lately and some other worries too have meant not much going right,but take tomorrow and the half marathon as a new day and see how I get on feeling nervous though so all wish me luck please!

Thursday, 20 November 2014

what a week and what a day...after everything in the world seeming to go wrong this week finally got myself out to run today...and felt terrible no energy really sluggish and so heavy when running...gym also had heat on full blat it was like a sauna just did 5.03 miles in 40 mins.....glad i ran but would have like better performance...will try get a jog in tomorrow then its the half marathon on has knocked my confidence though :(

Sunday, 16 November 2014

One Week to go!

Hello to world and just one week to go to half marathon although going keep running after so already thinking what to run next...but lets just enjoy this one first I guess :)
anyway going to try not to panic and over do it this week just going stay steady and train comfortable did an easy  4.30 miles in 33m 12s and enjoyed it

Friday, 14 November 2014

any help is good help

Had a horrible day! bills I cannot afford and lots lots more problems result got too late evening and had not got out to run,but thought right let's get out and do something so did a night run did 4.31 miles in 31:29 feel so much better for it too confidence was so low before and was starting on one of my downward spirals with depression...I might not still feel amazing but feel a bit more able to cope and any help is good help

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

A  motivated day! I was more than due one not trained last 2 days as a mix of reasons mainly could not get my head into it then had good therapy session yesterday, result today I wanted to train and run got to the gym as it pouring down decided to do an 8 miler and keep pace comfortable for the whole run started at 13km per hour pace then slowed down, ended up running the 8 miles in 1:02:17.

Yet the the best part was I enjoyed it as took pressure off by deciding pace would stay comfortable before the run,finished with a bit of weights and feel much more positive.

hope everyone else is having a good day and for those running have a good run too :)

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Hello world well the bit that reads this anyway,today had big plans a long nice and slow run for stamina did not happen had no sleep last night felt shattered today and nearly did nothing,then got to the evening and I really wanted finish the week off with a positive so got out and did a quick run again need stop worrying about the distance and time..the whole point of me running is to make me happier and feel more positive if worrying then defeating the object!

 so just went for  quick few miles did 3.4 miles in 25:42 but of more importance I enjoyed it even though slipped and twisted my ankle a bit (seems ok though) so in future note to self just do it to enjoy it.

Friday, 7 November 2014

Well today has been a mixed day had a few down days where did not train and was having bad day today but managed get myself to the gym,in the hope be around some positive people might help even though did not want be around people...ended up working pretty hard and ran  6.21 miles in 47:24 and then did a bit of weights circuit and a good cool down to stretch off on the cross trainer.does not make everything better but certainly does not make things worth and at least I accomplished something today which helps for tomorrow.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

A run at the gym today did  4.01 miles in 30 mins the first 15 mins was at a better pace and felt good but then gradually pace slowed,want to be able maintain the pace as first 2 miles was about 7 min mile pace,but did the whole run feeling comfortable which is a massive improvement.focusing on running my miles comfortably at the moment and seeing what pace that brings.

finished off session with a bit of weights feeling much better today,glad to have some up days after last week.:)

Sunday, 2 November 2014

I've really found this week difficult as hard to train when depression really kicks in,decided try finish the week off with something positive so got out for a run today.Had no energy and was worrying too much about time and results before the run...
So sat myself down and reminded myself it's the getting out and doing the run and trying enjoy it that's important,that is what is going help my state of mind and make life happier,need to stop adding pressure to myself and my running.

ended up running 5.8 miles in 47:31 but the important bit is I got out and run.

Friday, 31 October 2014

Today another hard day drains me when depression kicks in..managed to do some reading of help material and managed drag myself out to the gym to run,mainly to get myself around people than stay shut in and just do something ended up doing  4.04 miles in 30m and a bit of weights.still not feeling great but at least been out today and done something...will keep at this I want life to be different.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

well sadly today carried on from  yesterday with my mood and feelings which mean overcome with depression...been over some of my support help and need remind myself these dips will happen.But the still hit me hard...going to try again tomorrow and read through some support first try get myself in a better place mind wise.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Today has been one of my worst days for a while...depression hit me hard been in a mess most of the day,had a therapy session which helped  late afternoon but still been a struggle.I hope tomorrow will be  a better day as today could not manage to run or go to the gym,I will try tomorrow though I do not want depression and my problems to win.

this might seem an odd post on a training blog..but this blog is as much about me fighting depression  and my state of mind as it is about running and getting fit.

wish everyone well and thanks for those who take the time to read

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

wishlist item...GPS watch

I have been looking/researching and well basically I wanting a GPS running watch, for my road runs as sometimes its off on country lanes and paths that cannot measure distance on mapmyrun website.
So many to choose from but going to have to wait as cost is an issue these days for me sadly.....still I can look and dream shame Santa misses me out or would ask the chubby chap to drop one here for me :)

Brooks Mens 5'' Essential Run Short - Gear Review

Hi all decided to start doing some reviews of new gear when I pick it up,so this is a review of +Brooks Running   5" Essential run shorts I purchased.
The shorts material is good not some cheap fabric they are fairly robust and light as expected,although black they do have some reflective details but these are small and not too noticeable.
They have side pockets which are not zip up but there is also a small key size pocket which does zip up for security

The shorts are very comfortable and the length is no too short I would and will wear these to train in the gym too,where as some of the shorter length running shorts I would not.
all in all a good buy and I would happily get another pair in future.

a trip to the gym today for another steady run feeling some progress ran 5 miles in 37:49 and it was far more comfortable,still had to work hard at this pace but not a total mess at the end. I am enjoying mixing up the paces and distances,helps my motivation and seems to help my mood yesterday was a bad day mood wise felt very low and with my depression today was a struggle to get out...but glad I did now.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

A better day today both in mood as managed get a lot of open uni work done yesterday and enjoyed it,and today's run it was a steady easy pace could have gone faster but still did  10 miles in 1h 21m 43s. was quite good conditions not too windy stayed dry although I quite like a bit of rain on a long run it is a good route in preparation for the half marathon as this has a really steep hilly section near the middle  which is similar to the race route. 
 good result for a long run for me and first time back at this distance in a long time.right time get some food then off out for another dog walk with my wicked little hound.

and here is nice photo at the halfway point of run :) 

Friday, 24 October 2014

I am a Robot...well that's how I felt today really tight calves this morning and walking like the tin man,so got out for some road running to loosen legs up and brighten myself up mood wise too.
I got around a 4 miler in 30:09 bit slower time wise than have done same run but not being to down on myself as legs were not up to a fast time.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Well where do I start today's post...yesterday just did not happen last few days have been a struggle,as you folk's are aware I am trying recover from mental health issues and still have down days last few days have been up and down though yesterday was down.

Today however managed to get myself reading through some of my support books and then managed get too the gym for a run,actually turned out not bad session I suppose did a 10k in 48:19 and then few weights exercises and more importantly feeling bit better and bit more positive thought wise.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Hello folks was bit tired today after last nights storms keeping me awake,but got to the gym for a run to get some miles in did just over 4 miles in 30 mins but was steady and I was not a mess at the end so happy with that :) going do a cross trainer session tomorrow a long one for stamina...stay safe in the bad weather all I hope.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Hello world back with you today :) after feeling yuck yesterday with dodgy belly,got out to the gym and did a longish run, did not feel very energetic but got through 8 miles in 1:03:19  so happy with totally knackered so off for a nap.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

was going to take it easy today anyway but its turned into forced rest day due to  still having a dodgy stomach...been up all night so off for an afternoon nap and read a book!

Friday, 17 October 2014

A day of mixed results again went to the gym to run as this helps with my social problems still find it very hard and stressful be around other people,anyway got there and the run was going well till the revenge of the dodgy chicken tikka sandwich I had for lunch struck...then could not wait to finish will not go into details but spoiled what had been a good day and run...

Thursday, 16 October 2014

back from the gym and no longer Cramp Man back to myself after 45 mins on the cross trainer and some body weight exercises,went at steady rate on cross trainer and actually quite enjoyed it.
which was a nice change as not always a fan of the machine but looks like it will included in my weekly routine of raining now, and managed to burn off about 680 calories too.
Hello world and I seemed to have developed a not so Super Hero alter ego today that of "Cramp Man" already been for a good walk this morning with my dog to warm up and stretch out my old legs....going try get to the gym later for a spell on the cross trainer.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

braved the wind and rain and made it to the gym to train today,its in a sports complex and has the hottest changing room in the world! but managed to get changed without passing out and got through this session:

 a run 30:36 for a miler although I find it much harder on a running machine as its less interesting,also think it effects my natural stride.(my excuse and i'm sticking to it)
then 20 min weights circuit nothing too heavy more repetitions just too tone up a bit.
finished off with a 10 min stint on the cross trainer on level 8 just to warm down.

Finished a sweaty mess so must have done something but think I messed up a bit on the run, I went off to quick for first 10 mins as ran at 14.2 km speed and was then knackered and had to drop pace right down,but maybe a bit of speed work will help in the long run see how I feel on next run might keep it in for my Wednesday run.

right off to dry off myself and my bike, as got soaked on the way home

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Training Log 

 this post will be updated so we all get to see how much..or how little I actually do in the next 6 weeks.

Week 1
Mon - 30 mins - 4 miles


ASICS GT-2000 V2 RUNNING SHOES - Gear Review

My new best friends for the next 6 weeks my +ASICS Europe  GT-2000 V2 funky yellow trainers...going with the be seen be safe thought with these, also no danger of losing them :) chose support trainers as I am a chunkier pretty flat footed runner and have had a lot of injuries over the years

Have been using these for over 2 weeks now both on the road and on running machine, the shoes are light enough considering they are support shoes.
The support provided has been good so far and I have very poor/flat arches but the motion of the shoe when when running is very comfortable.
I've also used these a little of road on local country paths and even in poor weather they seem to get pretty good grip.
ok the color...yes bright yellow is not for everyone but for me running shoes are for running/training only, and the brighter the better as be seen be safe when running.
I paid just under £65 for these and would consider using another pair if they last ok..

so if your looking for a good all rounder and you need plenty of support in your shoe you cannot go far wrong with these I have found so far,will update after further wear.
Upate sole of the shoes lasted pretty well the build of the upper has not been great,mesh worn through very quick and the rear padding became 'lumpy' all in all ok if you can pick them up for a low price but do not expect them to last too long!
Ok first post so a little about me I guess,I am new to blogging and the motive to start is to help fight some problems I have with depression after some other health problems, and the fact I'm now 37 decided I want try get fitter,but need a goal and happened to see there is a half marathon not far from me in 6 weeks time...result I've entered!
The only goal I have set myself is to finish it although I would like to do it in under 2 hours,I do not have tons of the latest gadgets and stuff my training will be done on the road and also in the gym as I need to try get out more around others as due to depression pretty much cut myself off from people last few years.

Now I'm going to be posting what training I have decided to do,this is not me recommending a training plan to anyone as I'm not a trained sports coach  it is just me writing down what I've done be that right or wrong.
 How I am feeling about it and what results I get,will try post anything that seems to help and also anything I find does not I shall try not to moan to much :)

(mon 13/10) 1st training day went out for a steady run on the road,first one in a long time kept it steady as just need get my stamina up ran for 30 mins and when measured route on map my run was just over 4 have a starting point people,woke up little bit sore but nothing too bad.