Sunday, 30 November 2014

X Factor session..

Got to the gym with my still painful calf this even and avoiding impact with running hence it was X Factor...well X(cross) trainer that is...did a good 45 min session to warm up legs and stretch them out calf feels better for it too.

then did a circuit and abs session hopefully calf be well enough to run on again later this week :)

next events!

I have been looking and deciding over the weekend and next event will be on 1st of March and another half marathon, although one on a flatter course! I have also been asked by a relative to take part in a tough mudder middle of the year in their team which sounds good.

I am going take on a few more events too though I want run in at least 6 next year but would like try for more :)

Friday, 28 November 2014

conwy half marathon 2014

and just if anyone wants some proof I actually did get out and do it :) here is some proof..there is some race day photo's will have to try get a copy.

The Half Marathon Aftermath.

Well the day may have come and gone but I'm still running! got ut a few times this week although yesterday (Thursday)  went a bit quick and pulled my left calf a bit just bit tight and cramped when I started running. So resting today and another day or two and then back training looks like I shall next be running in an event at the start of march all being well.

would like to run and enter more but I am  trying get my self confidence with people back, I still struggle in social interaction and find it hard leave the house most days so every run is a little victory, so until well enough to be able to work money is tight for events and running gear.

Monday, 24 November 2014

The Big day - Conwy 2014 half marathon

So the big day arrived yesterday and after a let down at the start when person who was supposed to be running it as well backed out at last minute, I still went though and it was a great day :)

The start by the quay was excellent really good atmosphere and during the whole race loads of support from spectators,even on the run up the Orme which I found hard going although I probably did the first 4 miles a bit too quick as well just with excitement of running in a crowd hard to pace yourself. After the run up the great Orme my legs were shot had nothing left but managed get around the rest of the course and finished in 1:48:33 and I'm happy with that.

now the big question would and will I do another...Yes! I am already looking at races and will be picking my next soon and will keep the blog going with my training and see how I get on in half marathon 2.

Thank you for people who showed support both online and the great people during the race both other runners and spectators, you really did make my day :)

Saturday, 22 November 2014

well final thoughts before tomorrow...not had a great week my other problems have overwhelmed lately and some other worries too have meant not much going right,but take tomorrow and the half marathon as a new day and see how I get on feeling nervous though so all wish me luck please!

Thursday, 20 November 2014

what a week and what a day...after everything in the world seeming to go wrong this week finally got myself out to run today...and felt terrible no energy really sluggish and so heavy when running...gym also had heat on full blat it was like a sauna just did 5.03 miles in 40 mins.....glad i ran but would have like better performance...will try get a jog in tomorrow then its the half marathon on has knocked my confidence though :(

Sunday, 16 November 2014

One Week to go!

Hello to world and just one week to go to half marathon although going keep running after so already thinking what to run next...but lets just enjoy this one first I guess :)
anyway going to try not to panic and over do it this week just going stay steady and train comfortable did an easy  4.30 miles in 33m 12s and enjoyed it

Friday, 14 November 2014

any help is good help

Had a horrible day! bills I cannot afford and lots lots more problems result got too late evening and had not got out to run,but thought right let's get out and do something so did a night run did 4.31 miles in 31:29 feel so much better for it too confidence was so low before and was starting on one of my downward spirals with depression...I might not still feel amazing but feel a bit more able to cope and any help is good help

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

A  motivated day! I was more than due one not trained last 2 days as a mix of reasons mainly could not get my head into it then had good therapy session yesterday, result today I wanted to train and run got to the gym as it pouring down decided to do an 8 miler and keep pace comfortable for the whole run started at 13km per hour pace then slowed down, ended up running the 8 miles in 1:02:17.

Yet the the best part was I enjoyed it as took pressure off by deciding pace would stay comfortable before the run,finished with a bit of weights and feel much more positive.

hope everyone else is having a good day and for those running have a good run too :)

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Hello world well the bit that reads this anyway,today had big plans a long nice and slow run for stamina did not happen had no sleep last night felt shattered today and nearly did nothing,then got to the evening and I really wanted finish the week off with a positive so got out and did a quick run again need stop worrying about the distance and time..the whole point of me running is to make me happier and feel more positive if worrying then defeating the object!

 so just went for  quick few miles did 3.4 miles in 25:42 but of more importance I enjoyed it even though slipped and twisted my ankle a bit (seems ok though) so in future note to self just do it to enjoy it.

Friday, 7 November 2014

Well today has been a mixed day had a few down days where did not train and was having bad day today but managed get myself to the gym,in the hope be around some positive people might help even though did not want be around people...ended up working pretty hard and ran  6.21 miles in 47:24 and then did a bit of weights circuit and a good cool down to stretch off on the cross trainer.does not make everything better but certainly does not make things worth and at least I accomplished something today which helps for tomorrow.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

A run at the gym today did  4.01 miles in 30 mins the first 15 mins was at a better pace and felt good but then gradually pace slowed,want to be able maintain the pace as first 2 miles was about 7 min mile pace,but did the whole run feeling comfortable which is a massive improvement.focusing on running my miles comfortably at the moment and seeing what pace that brings.

finished off session with a bit of weights feeling much better today,glad to have some up days after last week.:)

Sunday, 2 November 2014

I've really found this week difficult as hard to train when depression really kicks in,decided try finish the week off with something positive so got out for a run today.Had no energy and was worrying too much about time and results before the run...
So sat myself down and reminded myself it's the getting out and doing the run and trying enjoy it that's important,that is what is going help my state of mind and make life happier,need to stop adding pressure to myself and my running.

ended up running 5.8 miles in 47:31 but the important bit is I got out and run.