Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Ok first post so a little about me I guess,I am new to blogging and the motive to start is to help fight some problems I have with depression after some other health problems, and the fact I'm now 37 decided I want try get fitter,but need a goal and happened to see there is a half marathon not far from me in 6 weeks time...result I've entered!
The only goal I have set myself is to finish it although I would like to do it in under 2 hours,I do not have tons of the latest gadgets and stuff my training will be done on the road and also in the gym as I need to try get out more around others as due to depression pretty much cut myself off from people last few years.

Now I'm going to be posting what training I have decided to do,this is not me recommending a training plan to anyone as I'm not a trained sports coach  it is just me writing down what I've done be that right or wrong.
 How I am feeling about it and what results I get,will try post anything that seems to help and also anything I find does not I shall try not to moan to much :)

(mon 13/10) 1st training day went out for a steady run on the road,first one in a long time kept it steady as just need get my stamina up ran for 30 mins and when measured route on map my run was just over 4 miles.now have a starting point people,woke up little bit sore but nothing too bad.