Monday, 24 November 2014

The Big day - Conwy 2014 half marathon

So the big day arrived yesterday and after a let down at the start when person who was supposed to be running it as well backed out at last minute, I still went though and it was a great day :)

The start by the quay was excellent really good atmosphere and during the whole race loads of support from spectators,even on the run up the Orme which I found hard going although I probably did the first 4 miles a bit too quick as well just with excitement of running in a crowd hard to pace yourself. After the run up the great Orme my legs were shot had nothing left but managed get around the rest of the course and finished in 1:48:33 and I'm happy with that.

now the big question would and will I do another...Yes! I am already looking at races and will be picking my next soon and will keep the blog going with my training and see how I get on in half marathon 2.

Thank you for people who showed support both online and the great people during the race both other runners and spectators, you really did make my day :)