Friday, 5 December 2014

getting support from other runners on websites

A problem for a lot of people is running can be lonely many run alone and often when you start with others they may drop off and you find yourself training alone. I understand for some this is great maybe the only peace they get in a day! but for others like myself who need support and I am open that I do as depression is a constant battle, it can be a problem.

But there is support out there apart from attending a local running club which some may find difficult due to time location etc, there are many social websites now where runners of all levels support each other,offer advice and you can log and record your runs/miles or even find race details and much more. I personally use The RunningBug site if anyone wants add me as a friend feel free my username there is calladan I'll list some benefits.

  • Free to Join.
  • Get support and be supportive of other runners it helps motivate you and its good to talk trust me.
  • Log your runs and miles gives you a record to look back at of your times and distances, be proud of your achievements it will help drive you on to more!
  • list of races, it helps to have something to train for if your like me and the sense of achievement you'll get from a race is amazing along with the atmosphere on the day great supporters and competitors races bring out the best in people :)
  • Competitions, free stuff is always nice!
  • training guides for all distances and running abilities

there are others but that's the key ones to me, running is all about enjoyment and anything that helps you enjoy it more take advantage. :)

as always thanks for reading and thanks to all the folks at