About Me

Hi all
   thanks for visiting this Blog started off when as part of my therapy to cope with depression and anxiety, exercise was recommended, before I became ill I'd always been active and exercised but I had few physical injuries before the depression got hold of me and struggled to find the confidence to try regain fitness.

The first step was deciding what exercise to take up as I struggled and still do with social situations.I decided on running as was something I could do alone and after training for a while I found I wanted a goal so decided to run a half marathon which I did and loved it! from then on it has progressed I've run another half marathon and a few other events, I've gradually worked up to being able to go to the gym and even the odd circuit class, I'm still the quiet guy who goes at quiet times but at least I make it there sometimes!

I've also rediscovered my love for the outdoors in general to my dogs delight :), I now spend more time outdoors be it on my bike or out walking, I can be found wandering around Snowdonia occasionally.

The Blog has changed as I have too, it has given me another thing to concentrate on and I want to make it better to try help others doing the same as me. I've also started to review gear and events and share other information on websites and groups that have helped and do help me.

I am still fighting my problems...I have good and bad days, I have goals to regain my social confidence as this holds me back...but I know now where I want to be, and thanks to running/exercise and the outdoors I'm closer.

Update 07/08/2015

I am still a work in progress, still struggle in social situations with anxiety and still fighting depression, but I've completed a few events now 10k, 10 mile,  couple of half marathons, and Trail Marathon...next up is to compete an Ultra.

update 13/04/2016

I wanted to update that yep things are still difficult as those who read my posts know, but I am trying to find new positives too, when can socially face it and financially afford I would like qualify as a Mountain Leader and try help others more going through problems, who may find comfort and positives in the outdoors, this is one of my major goals.