Monday, 29 August 2016

got myself out for a reasonable 5 miler (39:21) and feeling much better for, needed it after last few days where lost grip on it all. got to try and stop being so hard on myself but also I need avoid the things I know make me feel worse and stop sabotaging myself when things are a bit better.

Sunday, 28 August 2016

this week  has just got more and more difficult after mid week, anxiety has built up over some problems I need to face, and I've just made things worse and managed to do nothing,hope next week is better as feeling useless and very low

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Sunday night write up

Hello all
I've really been trying this week to cope with things better, I say this as had some bad days but working on how I deal with them and trying not let them last as long! (easier said than done, but as long as I try that's what counts). So despite bad visits from the "Evil Monkey" that is depression and anxiety, there has been some good.

I have managed get myself out running every day and my run streak is on day 28 today!  even though had a few lighter  mile days due to tweaking my achilles, which causes me to stress and the evil depression monkey to sit on my shoulder a lot, but I've tried reading through help material I have to cope and not panic and let it spiral, and on a good note was ok to do a comfortable 10 miler today.

I also started this blog about the outdoors and exercise to help with depression and I know I talk more about running but the other activities help as much and one of them I take part in, and yet do not talk about as much is cycling I realised this and want to promote it to those with depression and anxiety more, for two reasons firstly I know running is not everyone's thing and secondly cycling is great for being able to explore over distances of area's that most runners would not consider. I have been talking to someone about trying write a piece about cycling and hopefully going to have the chance to write up something with lots of knowledgeable input from them soon.

I have also update the Curranz Sport review now as it is the end of week 2, not only am I really pleased with it but also working on something to hopefully get you folks a discount! so you can try it out too :)

just want finish by saying well done and thanks to all those who competed at Rio 2016 Olympics, it has been a great show, the athletes have been inspiring and motivational to watch and thanks to Rio for putting it on.

Monday, 15 August 2016

CurraNZ Sport - Super food Supplement - - REVIEW - Updated week 2

I have recently started using CurraNZ Sport a Super food Supplement, I do not usually go in for supplements, but one of the problems of depression is energy levels and these seemed like they could help also with recovery which as I get older has got a lot harder.

so a little about CurraNZ Sport - it is a superfood made from New Zealand Blackcurrants it is also suitable for vegetarians and Vegans too.

  • Blackcurrant polyphenol componds, called anthocyanins, may have great potential for health and disease prevention
  • They are naturally-occuring plant compounds that give the fruit their deep purple colouring
  • New Zealand blackcurrants have one of the highest recorded anthocyanin values and antioxidant activity of any berry

 CurraNZ harnesses all the powerful anthocyanins found in NZ blackcurrants

  • Only CurraNZ capsules contain EnzansTM, a proprietary blend of 35% New Zealand blackcurrrant anthocyanin extract   
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans 
  • Each capsule contains the equivalent of approx 85 NZ blackcurrants
Offering great value for money, one 30-capsule pack has the equivalent of 2,500 nutrient-dense New Zealand blackcurrants 
Week 1

This is the results after week one ( the loading period) firstly I want to talk about side effects, the main reason being I have suffered none! this in itself is a real benefit as I have a sensitive stomach and when I tried some other juice type extracts I felt sick, but I have been fine with CurraNZ.

I started using these part way through my current run streak so have been training regularly, which for me normally means I struggle with energy to train and definitely with achy legs. The energy levels I have had has seemed to increase noticeably, especially towards the latter period of the week, and the recovery has been fantastic no walking like a robot.

This is the review after week 1 I am going to update during a month of use

Week 2

So last run of week 2 done and it was a 10 miler! it felt pretty comfortable too at a pace of 8:09 a mile and was not pushing the pace, over all miles slightly less this week as I tweaked my achilles so dropped miles during the week, but recovery is still great be it a long run or a speedy one no aches the next day, and energy levels are good as runs seem easier and I'm a lot less tired in latter stages of runs. Just want mention that still no side effects of stomach problems which is such a benefit with a supplement..

for more info on CurraNZ Sport or to order head to

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Day 20 still running...

Today is the 20th day of my run streak I did a gentle paced stamina run of 9 miles which gives me a total of 101 miles in 20 days, things are improving I'm slowly increasing my mileage each week on long runs (after so many injuries I need be careful) and also when I try putting the pedal down I am slowly getting pace back, with a 3 miler now under 22 mins.

The run streak is not so much a challenge type thing for me it is just trying get out often to try cope better with depression, I have also been trying out a new supplement to try help with energy levels and recovery, energy levels are real struggle with depression but it seems to be helping, I'll be posting a full review soon.
Hope everyone is enjoying the Olympics there has been some amazing performances and very inspiring also some great characters who remind us exercise and life should be fun, it is easy to forget...

Saturday, 13 August 2016

had a real bad night with feeling low and finding positives, then managed drag myself out for a quick 3 miler and managed a much faster time and pace has started to come back, grateful for it I needed a positive today...thanks legs!

Gareth (TheTryAth)

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Event booked - The Endurancelife CTS Dorset Ultra

Well as I turn 40 this year I've booked an Ultra to celebrate! The Endurancelife CTS Dorset Ultra, the event looks stunning along the Jurassic coast path. There is actually quite a few distance events on the day including 10k, half Marathon, Marathon and Ultra (33.5 miles) and even an Ultra + (45.5 miles).

looking forward to the event and posting a review and how I got on, if folks are interested I'll post a link to the site for more info and to book.If anyone else is going to run it let me know too and what distance :)

Gareth (TheTryAth)

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Run Streaks, Rio Olympics 2016 and coping with bad runs.

Well today did not go as planned! it is 13th day of my run streak and guess 13 unlucky for some...well unlucky for me. The weather was really hot and I was planning a slow but long endurance run, after about 6 miles though I did not feel good with the heat so decided to play it safe and cut the run short and took a route home so ended up a total of 8 miles, it was also much slower than intended but I guess better safe than sorry, I am trying not be hard on myself about it and just let it go, but these things do get me down.

I've ran 34 miles in total this week  so at least that is an increase, but really want to get comfortable at longer distances again. I guess have to remind myself why I run and not get too focused on just time and distances, bad days will happen in running as with everything and how I cope with them and other let downs is something I am working on.

On a plus I have been trying watch the Olympics, those folks competing are amazing! it is motivating and a positive to try watch when I'm not in good place with depression kicking in, I did feel sorry for the guys in the cycling some nasty crashes with those roads.

I have also been looking at some new routes, I really want to get a little action camera to take some pictures from some of my routes and show why the outdoors helps me to cope with depression and anxiety, it is pretty hard to describe how calming some paths and scenery can be.

oh well hope next run is better and next long run too! and good luck all at Rio 2016 Olympics too, and hope is a good week for all.

Gareth (TheTryAth)

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

running motivation Beth Pascall and her Lakeland 100

There is always great motivation out there on on social media to help with running, I've just been reading about Beth Pascall's amazing Lakeland 100 2016 run. It is well worth a read if you have not already :)

and well done Beth!