Thursday, 23 April 2015

New arrivals! The HOKA ONE ONE - RAPA NUI 2S TRAIL

Hi all and new arrivals at my house today, a pair of the The RAPA NUI 2S TRAIL by +HOKAONEONE   . I cannot wait to get these out on the trails and mountains, as soon as poorly leg is up to it in a week or two expect a nice big review :)

Here is a link to  HOKA ONE ONE

Monday, 20 April 2015

machines,circuits and poorly legs!

Hi all
  So to update what's going on at moment poorly leg is still playing up only really painful with impact so running is still a no, so priority is trying keep up fitness till it recovers and I can run again so this in mind I've been in the gym everyday apart from Saturday. My training over the last week has been mainly cross trainer and bike but I've mixed it with longer sessions and some shorter sprint sessions I have however pushed on the difficulty levels and gone up a few so when can run again see if my skinny legs are stronger! also worked more on core,squats and general bodyweight exercises to help recovery for those mountains.

I've also started going to the gym earlier most days, main reason being trying to get myself going before I get chance for depression anxiety to kick in and spiral worse, not managed it every day some taken me till later to work through some self help and motivate, but on the days I've managed it seems to help exercising earlier with thoughts and body too.

 Now circuits, I got brave enough to go to one last week I was going on Friday but social anxiety beat me so just ended up on cross trainer, I've managed to start this week with one though! I'll not lie was a struggle as social anxiety kicked in big time and I had to do some real self persuasion to get there (just go, if you do not feel like it when there or too much you can just go the gym and so on...) todays circuit was different, more weighted exercises but plenty of steps and squats and more upper body which was a change been a while since worked shoulders and arms hard!

So all in all some difficulties but managed get through some and hanging in there...

wish all well, happy running or happy whatever :)

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

new activity...short circuit! UPDATED

Well got the courage up to try a new activity a VIPR(weighted bar) and TRX (straps secured to wall you hold onto for bodyweight exercise), mainly because had some problems with dodgy right calf so given I've given it a little rest and been on the cross trainer, but  I've wanted try circuits again but still find social interaction decided to give it a go.
This class was at 6:45AM so pretty quiet, the circuit was great though and the instructor helped a lot very positive and friendly.The exercises were mostly body weight apart from the VIPR stuff but lots of core exercises and squat type stuff(good for the hill running) it was a total change from anything I've done for a long time.

The result I enjoyed it even though I found it really hard work, I certainly want to go again and it has got me thinking I might try buck up the courage to try a different circuit class.

UPDATE 16/04/2015

W ell after feeling great that got to circuit class went for a run in the evening slipped in kerb and pulled my dodgy calf looks like cross trainer and circuit trainer are going be all I do for a while! hopefully a week or two :(

Sunday, 12 April 2015

reading up...

Well not quite sure what going on with my running lately really up and down! (and not hills) seem to be struggling performance wise this week and its ended with me with pain in my right calf again so going to take care next week, but hopefully feel better also in been difficult end of week things have got to me again. depression is a tiring battle steps forward and backwards all the time...

so to try get some more motivation I've tried to do some reading on running sites like the running bug and through the depression self help...its hard to do when do not feel good, but when stick with it normally some trickles in and any help is good help...

happy running all

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Nice one Sun! :)

Just got out for a 6 miler and it was nice to see the Sun, was warm out there but it does help with wanting to get out and run and feeling a bit more positive. If anyone considering taking the plunge now is the time to get out for a jog...start now so fitness increases ready to enjoy the summer :)

Happy running all

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Mixed week start 30/03

Hi all
  I struggled to get going this week and then first run (10 mile) was a shocker felt rubbish and slow, I think from a mix of really poor diet for the few days before and not running for 7 days. So got again the next day for a shorter faster one(5mile) which felt better and then today did a 9 mile walk up Snowdon with a friend just to get some more miles covered and get my legs more used to the steep ascents...need start putting things in place for Snowdonia trail marathon. I really struggle on ascents so going to need to really work on it over next few months.

On a positive have seen the sun out this week, it just helps when mood is low and need motivation to get out and run.Anothe piece of good news a relative who has been very supportive has again! by ordering me a pair of trail running shoes to prepare for Snowdon, I am so grateful it was unexpected and I want use them for a good performance now :)

happy running all