Friday, 27 February 2015

Inspiration & Motivation,losing them and getting them back.

Hi as sat thinking about next half marathon event in 2 days thought I'd write about some things I struggle with this is Inspiration & Motivation, with running it can be struggle for anyone, but with depression problems it can be hard to motivate to do anything like leave the house or your room some days , let alone run.

So some things that help me...find people and events to inspire, this can be tricky to get right as needs be people who do not make you feel worse about yourself, if struggle to find people around you then running forums can be useful. I've found some great people who do what they because they love it, not to brag and put others down. I still struggle socially and with confidence(easier to be brave and write one here!) so a running forum where just log in and have no pressure works great for me.

I also have started to think about next events after this one, as I find having a goal helps not just with wanting to train, but gives me a bit better about myself that I have even entered. if your like me and find social situations difficult to take running events are actually better as such a crowd its easy to be part of the scenery :)

Now a few words about when lost Inspiration & Motivation, I have had therapy and unfortunately my current course has finished and I am finding things difficult as have much less support, the things I am using to try and move forwards not backwards and get over the bad days are focus points of positivity this sounded a bit corny to me but it seems to work, keep a shelf or something visible to you easily with some things which remind you of times when you have felt positive,achievements, support you have received and some achievable goals...need to be visible easy though as when you feel down we avoid the good stuff.

People if you do not have people around you,bookmark sites forums etc where there have been people writing experiences or anything you have found supportive and positive.

hope everyone is feeling well, running well and if your not(it happens I know) then tomorrow is a new day and I hope you do then.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

2XU calf guards and running tights - Gear Review

I've been using +2XU UK  running tights for a while and they have got me through the chilly winter runs, I went for 2XU as they seemed a bit thicker and sturdy than some others I looked at, they are comfy enough and certainly keep you warm.
I have felt the benefits of wearing compression to run also as I have had a few injuries and seem to suffer much less with pulls etc

I decided that I'd try recovery gear also and decided i'd go for calf guards as that's where had a lot of my problems.Firstly same quality as the tights these are definitely made to last, its worth checking the sizes as you may not need your regular clothing size they have measurements on the site. The guards are comfortable to wear for a long period of time without creating too much heat.

under pressure....well compression have certainly felt the recovery benefits after short runs but much faster recovery after long runs (last sundays 10 miler) less tightness and no aches.

would recommend trying compression especially those like me who need something to hold them together while they fall apart :)

+2XU UK  tights cost about £75 and calf guards about £35.

available from most places also their own site

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Event Review - Rhyl 10 mile 2015

Hi all, decided to run the Rhyl 10 miler as a warm up to the Anglesey half marathon a week later, ran in this event with my nephew who ran a fantastic run and finished in under 70 mins! which made my day :), I finished in 1:17:31 and was more than happy as I had hoped for 1:20 or just under.

So to talk a bit more about the race the race HQ was good as they used a local café so kept us out the cold and about 500 entered, not as much support as at some races but think that was mainly due to the weather.
the race itself was a cold one as your on the sea front pretty much the whole way and it was a straight out and back to prestatyn (the course did differ from the one on the website) footing was a bit of an issue in parts as waves were splashing onto the concrete and sand but it made it more interesting. The course was pretty flat but was windy which made it harder on the return.
The finish was at same as start and we received a t-shirt a medal (quite a nice one) and the sponsors 9bar provided free snack bars which were very welcome.

all in all a good race and great for those building up to a half marathon as gives you the confidence in going into double figures of distance, just a shame about the weather but cannot blame race organisers for that! (next day was sunny)


Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Preparing for a few busy running weeks!

Hi to all
 Well I have a busy few weeks as finished a course of therapy and been struggling without it need to find some more support to cope with dealing depression. I've also been trying prepare for a 10 mile run this Sunday 22/02 and the following Sunday a half marathon in Anglesey.
been trying mix it up with some distance run and a few speedy runs to up my pace as would like beat my last half marathon time. Also been working harder in the gym on rowing and  cross trainer circuits.,
I have started putting more time in the pool too as want to up my swimming strength and stamina for some open water swimming this year as that's on my list of events to complete this year.

will update after the 10 miler, hope everyone is ok and running and feeling well


Sunday, 8 February 2015

Event Review - Llandudno Nick Beer 10k

Hi all ran a great and event today the Llanduno 10k in memory of local runner Nick Beer this has been going a years now, the course s an interesting one for a 10k as pretty much straight away your climbing an ascent...the Orme and its a long one for those not aware of it, for most of first 4-5k your climbing then a fast descent another hill and about 1 and half Kilometre flat.

it was a well marshalled course with a drink station at 4k for those who bothered, atmosphere was great though and the views are fantastic makes the event more interesting than a lot of 10k's

I finished in a time of 47:05 and am happy with that, all good build up to next half marathon in 3 weeks :)

hope all running well and more importantly enjoying it, I am grateful for all the things which help make life better and fight my dark days.

Friday, 6 February 2015

what a week...:)

ell the last weeks training has not gone to plan since last weekend been so ill could not eat for few days even hold down fluids...last few days started eating again and managed to get out and run today, so not ideal build up for this sundays 10k run! but all about getting out and enjoying so not worrying about the time, just focusing on why I run to make my life happier so will try enjoy the day and the event, always so much positivity at events it sinks in and even though I still struggle socially to talk and mix with others just being around others who are positive helps, if your thinking about it take the plunge :)
also going to be starting open water swimming soon I've wanted to do this for a long time and will hopefully help me socially as well as confidence wise.

will update after the 10k wish me luck! :)