Wednesday, 31 December 2014

2015 goals - Happy New Year :)

Hello hope we are already for a new year..I have never been one for New year resolutions but would like set my self some goals for 2015..

Goal 1 : beat my Half Marathon P.B
Goal 2 : compete a longer distance event marathon at least, ultra if possible.
Goal 3 : Start open water swimming training.
Goal 4 : complete 10 events at least.

these are things I would like to do...I do not want put pressure on, this all about me doing things for enjoyment and to make my life more positive...and make changes to help beat depression.

I wish you all a Happy New Year I wish you health and I wish you happiness....and I hope you accomplish your long as they are nice! ;)

Friday, 26 December 2014

a Late Merry Christmas...yep I'm still here!

Firstly Merry Christmas to all and sorry I'm late to wish it,things have been a bit difficult what with injuries playing up and my old enemy of depression has had a field day last few weeks...but I am still here and feeling better physically which helps me mentally...

so to update whats happening I'm starting training regular again from next week its been off and on last couple of weeks,although I did get out today(Boxing day) for a late 4 miler to clear my head,it did hence I'm here writing to you all!

next event is still going to be at the start of March so that will help with positive thoughts as the last one did..

some final thoughts with the new year approaching, I hope you all had a good Christmas and my thoughts go out to all those who did not, I'm not good at advice but some things which help me...enjoy the little things they are easy to miss so you have to pay attention sometimes, and get out and run or walk or whatever you are able to helps focus on the good stuff.

Monday, 8 December 2014

update on last week.

Hell folks update time,leg stii been sore and painful on impact so no actual running last week :( got to the gym a few times though and did some hard work on the cross trainer. Yesterday did a good stamina session of 90 mins as do not want lost fitness I've worked for (not got much cannot afford to lose it!) training tomorrow so see how leg feels will be happy if can run pain free and start training for next half marathon if not cross trainer again it shall be...trying keep positive.

not on compression been wearing the calf compression and seems to be helping, will start using more compression when really start training for next event

Friday, 5 December 2014

getting support from other runners on websites

A problem for a lot of people is running can be lonely many run alone and often when you start with others they may drop off and you find yourself training alone. I understand for some this is great maybe the only peace they get in a day! but for others like myself who need support and I am open that I do as depression is a constant battle, it can be a problem.

But there is support out there apart from attending a local running club which some may find difficult due to time location etc, there are many social websites now where runners of all levels support each other,offer advice and you can log and record your runs/miles or even find race details and much more. I personally use The RunningBug site if anyone wants add me as a friend feel free my username there is calladan I'll list some benefits.

  • Free to Join.
  • Get support and be supportive of other runners it helps motivate you and its good to talk trust me.
  • Log your runs and miles gives you a record to look back at of your times and distances, be proud of your achievements it will help drive you on to more!
  • list of races, it helps to have something to train for if your like me and the sense of achievement you'll get from a race is amazing along with the atmosphere on the day great supporters and competitors races bring out the best in people :)
  • Competitions, free stuff is always nice!
  • training guides for all distances and running abilities

there are others but that's the key ones to me, running is all about enjoyment and anything that helps you enjoy it more take advantage. :)

as always thanks for reading and thanks to all the folks at

resting up poorly leg!

leg is sore again today do not want aggravate it so resting it up if cannot run by Sunday will do another long cross trainer session to keep up stamina(and try keep belly down).
 Using some 2XU calf guards/supports I was brought as a birthday present now, so will post a review of them next week and see if they help...really want to be running as things feeling more positive I know it makes a change! :) also with next race chosen and a friend has said will run it with me I want get training for 1st of march 2015 and half marathon 2.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

fight back today

Hello again world I'm still up and down like an elevator but managed a little fight back against depression again today,got to the gym could only run about 10 mins and right calf  was painful so still need lay off impact a while longer, but switched to the cross trainer and did an hour to keep cardio endurance up without impact calf was ok.

going to get some calf supports for after training to see if that helps will update again soon and thanks for those who stick with me,the battle against depression is a long one but its one I need to win

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

the bad days

Today is a you guys are aware the reason I started running again was to get fit but feel positive to fight depression is not a good day depression has hit back hard. Been let down and have few other problems struggling with and means I am down and without focus, I hope and will try pick myself up this week. But this is what the running helps fight