Wednesday, 15 October 2014

braved the wind and rain and made it to the gym to train today,its in a sports complex and has the hottest changing room in the world! but managed to get changed without passing out and got through this session:

 a run 30:36 for a miler although I find it much harder on a running machine as its less interesting,also think it effects my natural stride.(my excuse and i'm sticking to it)
then 20 min weights circuit nothing too heavy more repetitions just too tone up a bit.
finished off with a 10 min stint on the cross trainer on level 8 just to warm down.

Finished a sweaty mess so must have done something but think I messed up a bit on the run, I went off to quick for first 10 mins as ran at 14.2 km speed and was then knackered and had to drop pace right down,but maybe a bit of speed work will help in the long run see how I feel on next run might keep it in for my Wednesday run.

right off to dry off myself and my bike, as got soaked on the way home