Current Goals.

So I thought time to put some goals down to tick off when reach them,not all are running etc, apart from running events my main goal at the moment is to complete the mountain leader course, as well as a personal positive achievement I want to complete this to give something back and be able to help others with problems, experience the benefits of the mountains.

Running Goals

  • Run a sub 1:30:00 Half marathon this is a long term goal to be completed in stages, my best time so far was 1:45:04.
  1.  1:40 Half marathon
  2.  1:35 Half marathon
  3.  1:30 Half marathon

  • compete a fundraising event for MIND charity.
  • run a sub 4 hour road marathon.
  • Complete a full Marathon. done (snowdonia trail marathon 2015)
  • Complete a Trail Marathon. done (snowdonia trail marathon 2015)
  • Complete an Ultra Marathon.
  • Complete in an international event.
  • complete a multi day event.
Swimming goals.

  • To complete an open water event.
Personal goals/depression & anxiety

  • Increase self confidence and contain depression & anxiety enough to be able to return to work.
  • be able to increase social circle and interaction.
  • a holiday.
  • give back tot hose who have helped and supported me.