Sunday, 24 April 2016

So my week...well it finished on a better note, I got out and did a longer run again today, I the kept pace comfortable (58:17) and enjoyed my 7 miles. I managed 3 other shorter distance runs too and actually got a bit faster on my 4 miler! so some positives there.

I have also done some other things I have been putting off, I had some appointments about support, always difficult as means have to open up about problems which I find difficult, and lowers mood afterwards and my anxiety goes really high in the days/weeks before an appointment.But I got it done which is a step forward.

I have also started making more moves towards getting more time on the mountains and to help get my mountain leader award, and someone has offered some support and company when they can, they have limited free time due to their work so I am grateful for their offer.

There has also been some helpful feedback from some online sites , and hopefully one is going write up on their blog an advice piece for me and others think of doing mountain awards, about advice for mountain leader award gear etc, so I will link in as I will be reading that.

so a difficult week, stress has been high and some real low points,but I actually got through and got some of the things I wanted and needed to do done, this a good week for me.

Here is to a good week for us all next week
Gareth (TheTryAth)

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Arc’teryx Norvan SL - Gore-tex jacket - Review

I was lucky enough recently to win a prize from +EllisBrigham from a competition they ran on social media. The prize I received was perfect for me it is an +Arc'teryx Norvan SL gore-tex running jacket, I've used it quite a few times now and this is my review.(just to note my review was not part of me winning, it is just something I have decided to do)

First impressions

The jacket is very light but more robust than some(feels more sturdy than my Montane Minimus smock), it comes with a small stuff bag which can be secured internally on the jacket when not in use.The colour although black has some clear his viz flashes for safety in poor light conditions so being seen and safe is still ok with this.The hood is a good fit although it leaves the entire face uncovered, this a personal preference as some prefer this and others where when fully zipped some jackets cover the lower part of the face.The fit is generous I normally take size XL but the Large size fitted me comfortably. One thing to be aware is the Jacket does not have any storage, but it is a rain shell so not really a massive issue.

Field Test

I've used it in some varied conditions now, packs away easy and can be unpacked and worn quick too. The jacket is a great waterproof and and a great layer on a windy day too, the gore-tex works well and the jacket breathes very well when conditions get warmer and as you heat up. The fit is good running cut plenty of movement range in the arms and the cuffs and bottom of the jacket are well elasticated to keep fit.Only drawback for some it the lack of storage as requires alternative for map etc.


I like this jacket its a comfortable running water shell, and sturdy enough for some wind proofing.The fact it is full zip is a benefit for heat dispersion, and I like how small it packs can fit in a running belt pouch.

Thank again ARC'TERYX and the folks at Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports

new reading material, Mountain Training

As I wrote recently I want in the future to complete my Mountain Leader award, so as it is necessary to register at,I have got that done. The reason got this done is I need start logging my days on the mountains and I had a bad day and just needed a positive move towards a goal.

so I got some new reading material through the post today.

have a good weekend all


Wednesday, 20 April 2016

how much can 5 seconds annoy you...quite a bit when if had been 5 seconds faster on today's 4 mile run I would have been under 30 mins....the things that stress runners! :)

Monday, 18 April 2016

trail snack...for midges!

so on today's run the midges were out on force! I knew I was in trouble as they love nothing more than a sweaty runner! and the sun was out which means I was a very sweaty runner, I am now covered in bites but wondering if running and feeding the midges counts as multi tasking and a new skill? :)

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Getting the boots!

exciting look what arrived today, any guesses? a new hiking/mountain boot review on the way, thank to the folks at Hi-Tek UK.

Monday, 11 April 2016

now and then...

Hello all
A few more positive things coming up, I am still out and about running and actually getting a bit faster which is nice! my injured icalf is still not 100% but it is getting there and I am taking it slowly.
The other good news hopefully some new reviews as I get out on the  more, there is definitely a review for the Arc’teryx Norvan SL jacket coming up as I won one in a competition at Ellis Brigham Outdoor equipment store. The is also hopefully going to be a walking boots review when I can replace mine.

 I am also looking at trying to complete the Mountain Leader qualification, I want to do this as I would like try help others who are going through and been through depression an anxiety receive the benefits from the hills and mountains, it is pretty expensive though so will take time to fund and also the social side of the course would be a huge step forward for me.

so I am trying to create some positives for me, and hopefully others too.

hope this finds you all well
Gareth (TheTryAth)

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Snowdon - LLanberis path

I managed to get a walk up Snowdon yesterday, we went up the Llanberis path as weather looked a bit tricky so just wanted a walk without scrambling. It turned out a good idea as weather on upper sections was atrocious high winds and sleet, still the mountain is a great place in any weather, it helps with calming my mind down and cope with depressive thought.

Really glad I went, as nearly called of as not feeling good anxiety is high, it makes life difficult and hardly sleeping again lately with anxiety, which does not help depression...a vicious circle! I want to be better but thought of more social contact is just too much, cannot cope. It is easier to write these things here than say them.

I want a life again....sometimes, then others and most of the time just want lock myself away as cannot cope, tomorrow is another day though and I shall keep trying.

Going to try run more again, I'm still running on good days or moments when I can

hope all is well
Gareth (TheTryAth)