Sunday, 31 July 2016

running event suggestions needed

Hi this week unintentionally turned out to be a little run streak. I had Monday, the day after Snowdonia trail half marathon off then have run every day so far, so six runs in six days and a total of 30 miles. I have not crazy on the distances just have wanted to run everyday and been able! (no pain,so far), I did a longer one today of 8 miles and even that felt ok and I did it in 1:05:27.

It has helped massively with mood too, as the bad spells with depression and anxiety have not lasted as long when had them over the last week. I hope the next week is as good as this one running wise, and will keep trying be more positive. I've also been feeling more inspired run wise and as well as wanting to complete my mountain leader course, as another goal I really want to build to running in an event abroad, I'm thinking Iceland at the moment as always wanted to visit there.

If anyone has any suggestions on some amazing international running events ideally at least half marathon and up to trail ultra, then let me know! all suggestions welcome.

you can get me at twitter as I'm @thetryath

hope it has been a better week for all,and next week is better still!


Thursday, 28 July 2016

rainy day runs, enjoy them!

got out in the rain for a run today, I actually quite enjoy running in the rain. I think as long as you wear the correct gear most people would but common mistakes is people run in gear which is not right and soaks up the water and ends 10 pounds heavier and a horrible run, stay with light quick drying gear and a good waterproof jacket(I recommend a hood on it, you'll be grateful on long trails) and do not be scared of running in the rain, we are waterproof! and it can be a very relaxing experience, washes away some of the stress.


Wednesday, 27 July 2016

think it must be guilt over how unfit I felt at Snowdonia trail half marathon but managed a 3 mile recovery run yesterday and a 4 miler today which has helped loosen up tight legs, achilles is a bit sore but actually feels a bit better think the long rest before the half marathon did it good.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Scott Snowdonia Trail Half Marathon 2016 - REVIEW

So Sunday morning I made my way to Llanberis feeling totally unfit! I knew I was not in great shape this year due to consistent injuries, but I had paid for entry to run the Scott Snowdonia Trail Half Marathon  2016 and I really wanted to complete it. I had actually originally paid for entry to the full but dropped to the half as I knew the full was too much this year and also a friend entered the half too, so it was a nice change to start an event with someone I knew.

There was some light rain as I got to the electric mountain visitors centre and checked in, the race goodies were given out before the race(a nice tech t-shirt,some gels and a protein bar), the kit list was confirmed as full waterproofs and hat and gloves along with recommended water bottle/hydration pack. I had no problem with this as always advisable for a run on Snowdon anyway.

just over the first half of the 13.2 miles is taken heading out towards Rhyd ddu and then an ascent of Snowdon on the Rhyd ddu path, a nice scenic route(on a clearer day than we ran that is!) but some quite difficult sections of long climbs. So you know hit the top and and have a pleasant jog down Snowdon on the Llanberis path, at the bottom it veered right and you hit a VERY cheeky climb up around the quarry, I really struggled here...well even more than the rest that is, then a jog back down and the home straight.

The finish was well stocked with drinks and fruit and sweets etc to get some energy back and feel some satisfaction at having completed the course, I have now completed the the full marathon (2015) and the half (2016) courses of the Scott Snowdonia trail marathon and I recommend both, the courses are difficult  as you would want for an event of this type but the beautiful scenery and amazing atmosphere really help you around the course along with top rate event team and volunteers to whom I owe my thanks :)

I score this 5/5 as event I cannot fault it, and I will be back next year too.

Gareth (TheTryAth)

Sunday, 24 July 2016

first race bling of 2016!

well managed the Snowdonia trail half marathon even with dodgy achilles, I'll post a full review soon about this very,very cheeky half marathon! (when I can think straight again) it has been a long day....

here is picture of my race bling though :)

Thursday, 14 July 2016

what started out as a pleasant 5 mile run on a sunny day was a nasty last few miles due to the dreaded runners belly ache! lesson learned when you know you have not drank enough fluid during the day, do NOT try to fool yourself wait a while to run and get the fluids down yourself first...


Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Hi some video reviews I did for Criteek are available too @MONTANEuk minimus smock video review :)

and Newton Kismet review at

my video's are under my name Gareth Hughes, be nice if got some views

Robens Starlight 2 - 2 berth tent - REVIEW

I finally plucked up courage to purchase a new tent (thanks to my creditcard!), anyway after looking at around at what was available in my budget I settled on the Roben Starlight 2, a few reasons its light enough at 2.6 kg, but roomy enough for me and gear for a comfortable night. The Startlight 2 also is waterproof rating 5000mm hydrostatic head and reviews I read said it held out water better than some competitors around the same price. The Starlight 2 is also INCREDIBLY easy to pitch, now I know a lot of lightweight tents are easy to pitch but due to the Starlight 2's build of one central support pole and 4 built in short supports, one at each corner means you can throw this up in no time on your own.

I have run a test pitch and it took a couple of mins to pitch on a windy day, easy to pack. A good feature is the one pole is sturdier than some other support poles on tents I've used when you flex it you are not scared your going to hear a snapping sound!. once the flysheet is up its easy to attach the inner layer, but its easy enough to leave attached and pitch as one in future.

Here is some photo's, I'll be updating this review as I use the tent and in varied conditions.

Here is a link to the ROBENS website for more info if anyone is interested.

I purchased this tent from Blacks in their sale at £119.99, as there was a discount code for new customers that got me 15% off!

update coming soon, thanks for reading

Gareth (TheTryAth)

Monday, 11 July 2016

New Tent has arrived so new review on the this space!

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Really hot day out there on today's 5 miler, also achilles still tight very tight on first mile or two so stride pattern felt uncomfortable...all in all the run was not my best but I enjoyed being out and that is the main reason, I struggle with expecting the best run and faster every will not happen! some will be good some will be not as good, but I have to learn to see the positives in every run and they are there...just have to remind myself why I run :)

have a good day
Gareth (TheTryAth)

Sunday, 3 July 2016

be nice! (to yourself)

A nice sunny 8 miles today, was a bit kinder to myself too as achilles was a bit sore I slowed pace and just took it easy rather than over doing it and pushing the pace.I know feel better for the run and for remembering I need help myself and doing what I can is enough. :)

If starting out or struggling through injury think it is a common thought to try "push through", but sometimes we have to look after ourselves in the long run you avoid long term problems and you remember why you enjoy it!

hope it has been a good weekend for all
Gareth (TheTryAth)