Friday, 27 March 2015

well new gear...and miles

Hi all
  decided had to invest in a hydration belt this week picked up a cheapy Nathan belt with 2 small bottles, will drop a review soon. The run distance is increasing so going need take liquids on especially training for Snowdonia trail marathon.Next thing is I really do need some trail shoes, but will see how that goes money wise and update when got them.

Hopefully be going running with an old friend this weekend (a great runner) so will up the miles again all being well, aiming to do a 17 miler

Gareth :)

Sunday, 22 March 2015

miles...and more miles!

Now last week was not great, but this week has been much better well run wise at least. I have signed up for the Snowdonia trail marathon and think having that goal has give something positive which has motivated me to run. I ran nearly 40 miles this week and longest run was a fairly slow 15 miles but I got around 15 miles ok which was the target!

I'm still really struggling since support cut back and feel like taken steps backwards with social interaction...need try get in a better place with that, but at least the running gets me out the house more than I would have, and I do feel better afterwards at least calms things down and bit more able to cope..

wish everyone well, and tomorrow is a new week for us all.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

New Event entered - Snowdonia Trail Marathon - UPDATE 10/06/15

I am very happy and excited to say just entered the Snowdonia Trail Marathon...big step up (literally) my first marathon and a trail one with some crazy climbs! well if this does not motivate me to train nothing will...

wish me luck


Hi everyone, was not sure I'd make this event as long as leg continues to heal I'm still going to run it! gives me 6 weeks to train...really want to run it so will do my best, will not be about time but getting fitness up to finish it! :)

thanks for reading

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Polar M400 GPS Watch - Review UPDATED

I am lucky enough now to own an M400 GPS watch and activity tracker from Polar  , used this for a couple of weeks now so  feel ready to review it.

First impressions
They count and they are good when you open up the box and see this watch, good sized screen and the strap is wide and has the holes close together so you get a good fit, feels comfortable on and the watch itself feels pretty solid. I also like the look is sporty but not TOO sporty so can wear daily without feeling like your trying to tell the world you own a GPS watch.

standard display shows time/date and has a bar which fills up as you complete your daily activity target,(it also gives reminders to move!) the illuminate function is excellent it gives bright blue back screen with white figures.

Using the GPS
the watch finds signal pretty quick, you just press the middle red button once then scroll to run/cycle/other outdoor/other indoor then press the red button again and away you go.
You can then pause easy by pause and mark a lap with same button or stop with bottom left button.
It then gives a review of your run start time, duration/distance/calories/fat burn %/ average speed/maximum speed.
you can access the diary function and see all your past runs from the watch.

Website Polar Flow
Easy to register and this site gives you just about any info on your past runs you will want, you can set up the watch with your activity level too to give your daily target.

I'm really impressed with watch/activity tracker its a great all in one package (it comes with a chest strap heart monitor too in the pack I got).
easy to set up
easy to use and get out running.
robust design/excellent strap too.
helpful and motivating Polar Flow website.


Hi Polar have released a really useful feature video showing how to get the most out of your M400, So I've posted a link here :)


thanks for reading

Saturday, 14 March 2015

difficult days but tomorrow is a new day.

Well not posted much this last week, a few reasons I got behind on Open Uni work and have felt pretty rubbish all week, both mentally and physically had no energy etc and started going back to the bad days, depression is a slippery slope you take a few steps forward and its always waiting to slide you back :(.

So spending today reading some of my support and therapy book I got from last course and try get myself in a better place, also decided going to start taking some multi vitamins and minerals as physically I need look after myself a bit more, maybe will help energy levels and keeping off illness.

I want to put this last week behind me, and try for a more productive and enjoyable week next week, thank you for all the people who have supported me with this blog, my running and my fight against depression I am grateful for you all.

tomorrow is a new day...
thanks all

Sunday, 8 March 2015

first week of march...

So that's the end of first week of march done, have tried to be positive and have seen some benefits. I realised after last half marathon I need increase my stamina so this week has seen longer runs on more hilly terrain, this seems to be paying off todays 10 miler was under 8 minute miles and was a comfortable pace felt great at the end and gave me a confidence boost. Also now have a GPS watch an M400  from Polar which I'm going to review soon, and this has been great for running outdoors and see my results accurately.

I've still been looking at next event to enter, financially things are difficult so this is having an effect but will get another one in soon although I will be definitely running either a half or hopefully full marathon at the end of June , and I am booked on a mudrun also.

I've been really gratefully for running this week as finding things harder now therapy course came to an end, running does not solve all problems or take away the bad days I have, but it gives me something positive and any positive I can find is good. I often feel like depression will never go but find when running it sometimes helps break these thoughts, it has and is one of the most helpful things I do to fight the problems I have with my mental health.

wishing everyone well.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

upcoming reviews...exciting! and other bits and bobs

Hello world, I'm very happy and excited to say I'll have some new gear reviews posted soon! a Polar M400 GPS watch which is going to be a real boost to my training has arrived, cannot wait to get the miles done with this. Now as you now from past posts I am looking to move from pool swimming to open water...well now have a ZONE3 advance wetsuit to use so will be looking forward to adding that to my training and letting you know how I get on :).

also if anyone is looking for competitions there are a few available to enter on the runningbug website at the moment to win running gear,one is post a selfie (for all those that love them enjoy!) and another is a video comp and also a training one join north or south and put the miles in! all good fun though..I use a few running sitesfor motivation its always great to read positive stories from others.

oh and I need test the comment feature on the blog for a future post,could anyone send a test comment to see if they are coming through.
thank you

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Gore Running Wear AIR ZIP - Long sleeved top - Gear Review

I was lucky enough to recently win a voucher for the +Zalando  website so decided to treat myself to some new running wear, I decided on a long sleeved top and a short. This is a review of the Gore running wear Air Zip.

Ok the reasons I chose this top it seemed to have good ventilation while providing a good layer out in the wind, I chose the black and red colour as I really liked the look and the red makes it noticeable in poor light while it does have some high viz bits for safety.

First impressions were good top feels well made good stitching and material is comfortable against the skin no scratching from this beauty!
I picked it up in an XL size and I'm 14st the fit is fine. I wore if for first run yesterday on a 7 miler out on the hills on windy day, I was comfortable during the run kept me warm enough during the start and kept the worst of the wind off, more important as I heated up it let out excess heat and dried very quick.

the biq question is how well it lasts and I will update as time goes on.

so far I cannot fault it, cost £55 and as long as does not wear out quick I would but again.

Monday, 2 March 2015

right new goals! and few other things coming up

Well as completed 2nd half marathon yesterday, I now need set myself some new goals! apart from finishing off the next assignment for my open university course that is...also going to have some other gear reviews over next few weeks which should be fun.

So goals I have come up with so far I want to try get my Half marathon time down to below 1:40 mins, that could take a while but means I need find my next half marathon event. I also want to attempt to complete a full marathon just for the experience.

So to do this I need to get online and find my next event, I've been on the event finder on the Runningbug website as well as done few internet searches and have a few idea's, but need confirm dates and location are going to be feasible for me to get there.

Next up training I want to try stay more positive and be training more, as with my therapy support cut this is going be a hard few months. I am going to try mixing it up more with some more long hill work (I suffered on last run on the hills), and also some interval sessions to try and up my speed.

I will also be posting some new gear reviews including some Gore running tops and very exciting a new GPS watch...and a surprise review(exciting!)

wishing everyone well in mind and body.


Sunday, 1 March 2015

Anglesey Half Marathon 2015 - Event Review

Well I'll be honest was not really looking forward to today's event, been ill most of the week and still felt bit rough today....but glad I went! I finished in 1:45:04 and knocked nearly 3 and a half mins of my last half marathon time :)
The Anglesey Half Marathon was a great event it sold out so was busy about 1500 runners on the day and it is really scenic even though today was chilly and windy but at least stayed dry.

The route started out by crossing the Menai bridge while this was a scenic start it was a bit of a pain mainly due to people not lining up to their correct estimated finish time(but this always happens) but the bridge was bit narrow so plenty of dodging and weaving, then ran through the town this was a bit twisty and turny but chance to get some early support which is always welcome, then it was onto the roads and hills.
The course is listed as undulating but it was very hilly in part with some long and steep hills for me struggle up...but all good fun,then a run along the coast and another town then hills followed by a loop then return along same route but stopping before the bridge.

I liked the route it had variation and the finish was great plenty of drinks sweets and fruit for the runners.

all runners received a medal,t shirt and a few other goodies which was nice.

have some pics to follow :)