Tuesday, 27 January 2015

weekly update

Hello all an update as was not posting last week due to a few problems well quite a few actually! anyway most of last week just using cross trainer got a steady run in on Sunday. This week though a new week and feeling much better did a 5 miler today in 37:35 which i'm happy with as got a 10k on the 08/02 then working too half marathon on the 01/03 need keep positive and busy as my current therpay for depression finishes over next 2 weeks and yep that worries me...I want to try to keep getting better not stay where I am or slip back.....so do my best to keep focus and be grateful for the little things and try enjoy them.

wish everyone well :)

Monday, 19 January 2015

6 to go! half marathon 2

Well 6 weeks to go next half marathon,last weeks training went ok'ish need get more miles in this week and watch my diet had no energy on long run last week, but looking forward to increasing distance and speed as got a time to beat! hopefully have some reviews coming soon too...hope all had a look at the review of Newton running  Gravity III's they were a pleasure to run in. :) should be putting up some compression gear reviews as in this cold windy weather its time to tight up! (good enough for superman good enough for me).

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Newton Running - Gravity III mileage trainer. REVIEW

Hello and welcome to +Newton Running  - Gravity III review, first off it worth talking a little about Newton Running as I've been interested in these guys for a long time, they are an American company and a bunch of Eco friendly folks who stand out for their views on promoting running in a natural fashion. Its well worth a visit to their website as their passion for running and not just making shoes but helping runners perform is clear.

Anyway to the shoes, the  Gravity III are classed as a mileage trainer by Newton running, first impressions from the box is positive the shoes are very light (8.9 ounces), the colour is an eye catching mainly yellow with some red and black, personally I really liked the colour pattern its highly visible for night running but does not look gaudy. now we look at construction these may be light but they are a solid construction seams feel strong and the mesh looks strong enough to last out the miles.
The sole of these beauties is where the shoes really become special they have a lower heel drop which gives a more level to the ground platform, also the way the sole is split provides support but allows more flexibility in the foot.

here are some photo's

Now we get to the important bit...performance! I have taken these out today for a 5 miler, I varied the pace to try get as much of the feel of them as I could. when you first put them on they feel a little odd to walk in due to the 5-lug POP 1 platform(if you ever try a pair make sure you run not just walk around a shop in them!)  these are runners shoes made for running and that becomes clear soon as you get going,
Natural is the one word which some these up I have never ran in anything which has come close, I'm a heavier runner (14.5 stones) but my weight felt better distributed and they are speed machines they give a smooth ride which naturally makes you want to up your pace.

now these shoes are not cheap they come in £140 but in my view worth every penny,I have had a number of injuries over the years and anything which gives you this smooth a ride with no stress in the wrong places is well worth it.

Final verdict 5 stars out of five - only drawback £140 but you certainly get your money's worth and more your feet will thank you as will your PB'S :)

I've now used these shoes for a few months and in a few events a 10k,a 10 mile and a half marathon and if anything I'm more impressed shoes are wearing well no loss of shape and comfort and the build quality is showing its strength after some hard runs. they had worked well on hilly runs (10k,half marathon) and on the flat (10 miler)  bare in mind I'm a heavier runner(about 14 stone) so if shoes are weak they wear out quick but these still feel the same as when I first got them.

would definitely recommend trying Newton's you get what you pay for...and more!

thanks for reading

Full specs
Item number:
8.9 ounces
Heel-to-toe drop:


  • 5-lug POP 1 platform
  • Action/ReactionTM technology in the forefoot and heel
  • Biomechanical metatarsal sensor plate
  • High-rebound EVA
  • s.h.a.r.c outsole
  • 3.0mm Drop
  • Symmetrical high density rubber outsole in heel


  • Lightweight, breathable mesh
  • Anatomical metatarsal stretch panels
  • Heel lace lock
  • Semi-flat lightweight laces
  • 360 degree reflectivity
- See more at: http://newtonrunning.co.uk/shop/men-running-shoes/newton-gravity-mileage-trainer.html#sthash.2ZGqRLx6.dpuf


Sunday, 11 January 2015

end of first week of 2015

 Hello all
  well end of first full week of January and half marathon build up,week has had its ups and downs involving sick dogs and sleepless nights and laptops deciding to stop working at worse possible times...BUT got out running and got to long ones in, have tried hard to no to go silly on the pace on long run just keep it steady and build up the stamina...so a positive end to the week with a 9 miler today, but need keep improving if want to beat last half marathon time!

hopefully going to have a few new pieces of gear to review as well in next few weeks,so keep your eyes peeled :)

hope January going well for all and if running hope getting out and enjoying it.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

upping the miles again...

Decided to get the miles up this week, need to get ready for next half marathon now leg is feeling better. So got out today for 8.08 mile run - 01:08:05  kept it steady and got through ok so get some good runs in this week and up the long run next Sunday.

hope everyone else is having a good start to the year, Christmas is difficult time for me with depression and stuff but trying push on now look for the positives and make all the little changes I can...its those that make big differences in the long run. :)

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Walk before you can run...

Hello folks today thought I'd post about another activity walking! as the classic saying goes walk before you can run...I still walk every day even when running (not just to the fridge or to turn tv on anymore though) although I have the advantage of my dog  Alfie the furry fitness machine, but walking really does help in mood gets me out our lessens the down spells.
It also helps stretch out legs after or before a run, and if like me you have a lot of old injuries which crop up then when cannot run at least keeps muscles working and burning those calories...I personally think winter is the best time for walks the countryside is interesting and a bit of cold invigorates and get you going.

so if think of starting running be kind to yourself and get out for a good few long walks first :)

Friday, 2 January 2015

Garmin Vivofit Review. IMPORTANT UPDATE -Strap does not fasten securely

This about the +Garmin  Vivofit from +Maplin Electronics Ltd   , so here are my thoughts on it so far...straight from the box its straightforward you have to straps in varying size, Vivofit unit and a small transponder which fits in the USB on you laptop for syncing.

Be aware the strap design is terrible they do NOT fasten securely I tried a few genuine Garmin straps and none worked securely, the device was eventually lost. so be aware the strap means you'll end up losing this device easily.

Set up is as follows

  • pop in transponder in usb

  • download Garmin express software.
  • press and hold button on Vivofit and it pairs.enter some details about yourself and job done!

the Vivofit shows the following displays you click through just using the one button.

  • Time
  • Date
  • Steps completed that day
  • steps Goal
  • Distance in Miles
  • Calories burned.

ok now to what I think this is a great piece of daily fitness tech, its not a GPS watch so if your looking for a watch for accurate time/distance with your routes or route guidance this is not the watch. However its not trying to be its aim it to motivate you to move to get active and keep it interesting.
 the benefits of it are your not having to charge it daily(battery should last a year),
you can can wear it daily for all activities and its small and light enough could be worn along side other GPS tech if needed,. The display and controls are straightforward and easy to understand and use. the watch gives reminders if you need to get moving if behind on your daily target, now speaking of targets another thing I like is that when setting up on your pc you enter your personal details and the the dashboard you see on the pc is very clear and fun too below is a screen shot.

The Vivofit review will be updated again when I've used it longer.
The Vivofit is available from Maplin for £99.99 Link 

Overall rating 1*/5* great product for those wishing to get fit or even those who already train and want a daily record of their general level of activity if seeking to manage calories.however totall let down by strap design it does not work securely I relaced the strap and the garmin straps are all the same and eventually this device was lost as it could never be fastened securely.