Sunday, 13 September 2015

Tough Mudder Volunteering - North West

will update but some photos from Tough Mudder North West as a volunteer today, a great day with lots of great people :)


I have recovered now, so an update on a day volunteering at a tough mudder, it is so worth the effort! you get all the great atmosphere, the runners love you (well the water you give at water stations anyway) and the help you give over walls etc, the Tough mudder folks are really well organized they feed you well and we got lucky and had the chance to work a water station then change later to an obstacle so had the best of both worlds, the more you put in the more you enjoy the day. All the folks helping and working with us were hands on helping people over walls etc, and all said they would do it again, so I would recommend it to anyone,, and don't stand back get involved and muddy! we certainly did...