Thursday, 10 September 2015

Boot Bananas shoe deodorisers - REVIEW to approach this.....
I stink! not in general (I hope) but my running shoes certainly do, its a common problem I'm sure there are other out there tempted to bury their long distance shoes and just dig them up next run....well throw away that shovel and buy Boot Bananas instead!

a great concept not only do they deodorise your running shoes/work boots etc but they absorb moisture to prevent build up, prevention rather than cure is always best. what else is nice is they are the creation of a nice couple Phil & Alex who decided to do something about shoe stench! (I'm sure its broken up a few runners relationships...)

so this is Boot Bananas I've used them for a while and the important part...they work! shoe interior definitely feels drier and I've even force tested them on a few family friends with the old ' do my trainers smell' and they have been surprised, which means they must have noticed the stink previously!

So do your shoes,yourself and more importantly your friends and loved ones a favour and pick up and use some Boot Bananas! :)

Update see the Boot Bananas movie here

Gareth (TheTryAth)