Monday, 1 June 2015

Tough Mudder Midlands - 2015 - Event Review

 Well I made it to the Tough Mudder Midlands event, and me and my injured calf managed to jog  and walk/limp my way around, thanks to the family members I was running with kindly slowing their pace for me.

So time to review it! on arrival your through pretty quick after I.D checks (you DO need photo I.D) then its time to put on the multitude of sticker/wristband/chest running numbers which you lose most of in the first one or two obstacles..the  finally just to complete the look write your number on your feeling part of the event wait to get in a running block.

the running blocks are timed every 20 minutes so do not have to wait too long, then a warm up, and your a wall obstacle and then stop for a health and safety talk..then the Tough Mudder proper begins.The run itself is not too bad I managed jog most even with a painful calf, its not about time its about getting around and enjoying the course.


The Obstacles vary and as per the name you can expect Mud, Water and climbing, I'll not go through every Obstacle but some of the main ones:
  • Walls! plenty of them but everyone helps each other (strangers give each other a lift here too) so do not worry too much.
  • Arctic Enema! there are plenty of water Obstacles wading/swimming across or falling of floating pads to cross but the Arctic Enema is special filled with Ice you go in off a slide so a rapid entry(expect possible Ice-cream headache!) then have to duck back'll come out cold but soon feel warm on the jog.
  • Mud Mile- a slippery series of trench's filled with water but more fun as the mud is clay..plenty of slips slides struggling up the banks, watch out the though few sharp stones stick out so expect some scratches/cuts.
  • monkey bars basically you'll fall off and get wet..few make it as bars are so coated in wet slippery mud its easy to miss a grip. lots look and just jump in the water :)
  • Electroshock a run through a tangle of wires giving you some nice zaps! made more fun as the ground is boggy mud.
I'll probably update with some more Obstacles there were over 20! if anyone wants to ask about a specific one let me know.


On the finish you get your Legendary Orange headband, a t-shirt, a Flannel(towel) a snackbar, water and a bottle of Cider. then time to scrape off the Mud there are some cold hosepipes arranged to rinse off and plenty of other stuff to do(heated hot tubs etc)


We all agreed we would do it again, and I'd love to run again with a pain free leg and really enjoy it all.


Images coming soon as I get them from the Spectators who watched us! :)

thanks for reading