Wednesday, 10 June 2015

4 miles of fun, recovering from injury :)

Hi all
 This last week my calf injury had eased off and last few days was walking pain free, so waited a few days and risked an easy run, got myself for a 4 miler today the calf was ok although my running gait felt awful but I think a lot of that was psychological as I was waiting for the injury to kick in again and waiting for calf pain...which did not happen!

I feel so much better today, mood and depression have been all over the place last few weeks and being injured and unable to run has really not helped, just being out for 32:51 for my 4 miler made such a difference I feel so much better and more positive today and grateful I could be out there running.

hopefully recover enough and in time to get some good events run soon.

wishing all well