Sunday, 14 June 2015

6 weeks to marathon day!

Hello world
 I managed run again today although I got twinge again in calf so stopped at 4 miles and rested it as calf not feeling right so rest day at least tomorrow. I have only 6 weeks to the Snowdonia Trail Marathon now! so really need be careful I need get stamina better and strengthen calf but not push its recovery as really want to run in the steady it is...I'm not worried about finish time for Snowdonia as I do not have enough time to train properly to get best time I'm capable of I just want finish it ok!

Also going drop a few reviews on the blog soon including a waterproof jacket I treated myself too and a running pack I've saved for :)

The sunshine really does help with mood when I mange get myself out for a run and feeling low, if anyone thinking about starting now is a great time its light in the morning if you want run at quiet times too, if starting out its not how far or how fast so try not judge your self, its just about being out there and enjoying it :)

Hope everyone is out there enjoying the sun,
Gareth :)