Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Double day - circuits VIPR,TRX and running

Hey folks
Well after hardly any sleep last night 2-3 hours down to anxiety and stuff kicking in, I decided work hard today on exercise to try get some feel good inputs, so went to circuits (VIPR &TRX) this morning and we got pushed really hard, luckily some of it was outdoor otherwise I'd have melted to the gym floor! so after cycling home I tried get myself together and I got out later for a 6 miler run ok not as long as I'd have liked but seriously I had nothing in the tank and my legs had no strength from all the mornings felt a very long 6 miles and took me 51.49.

but I've really enjoyed the double I actually enjoyed both sessions and think at least once a week this will be something I'll do.

hope this finds everyone well, and run happy!
or do whatever but do it happy I hope :)

Gareth (TheTryAth)