Monday, 25 May 2015

Coping with Injury and staying motivated.

Hi all
 This is a difficult post for me as today has been a bad day, I've been resting my injured leg which I've had repeated problems with. Today I did a light test run as I want run a tough mudder with family next week I managed just a mile and a half then  had serious calf pain, had to stop before I did worse damage. I am now worried about next week I want run the event but if calf is still like this no chance I can :(.

So feeling down and struggling for motivation, going to spend some time reading posts by some other runners and athletes who inspire me and try keep motivated, also tomorrow I'll try get the gym and do a long session on the cross trainer as its none impact should still be ok so at least feel like done something to try keep fitness level up. Finally time I did something about my recurring injury so going to have to get it medically looked at and some more treatment advice.

I hope for some better days soon as today has been a real knock to my confidence and motivation.

I wish everyone well