Friday, 5 June 2015

Depression is like walking on trapdoors!

Hi all
 Had a bad night and feeling bad today, leg is still painful so cannot run need rest it, and personal Life not feeling great. So as struggling face things today decided write a blog post see if that helps get some things off my mind.

So the post title 'Depression is like walking on trapdoors' that's how it feels sometimes you get your self feeling a bit better but always scared trapdoor will open up and drop you down. And sometimes they do :( . I spoke to a therapist about this and they said being aware of the things that drop you down is one stage eventually you walk around the trapdoors...I think sometimes I do now but some days and today they still catch me. It can be a thought about myself or my future...a memory of the past all these things can get me.

I'm going to spend the rest of today mentally trying climb back out, spend some time reading the therapy self help and some of the athletes and positive people I follow on social media.

Fighting depression is tiring and frustrating, but at least now I do have better days so things are getting better...hell I've spent months not leaving the house in the past!

this is an honest post...this blog is not just about gear reviews, the main reason is I want to feel better to see more positives in life and running and exercise does help that, hope my leg fully heals soon.

wish you all well, if anyone reading this is feeling bad too then there are people you can speak too the Folks at MIND and other charities are very helpful, and sometimes easier I've found to start speaking to someone outside your normal family/friends circle if find it hard to let people know how you feel.

thanks for reading