Saturday, 15 August 2015


Hi all

sorry to say this has been a bad week, everything been going wrong and had leg pain in calf and my back pain has been worse than usual (the back pain is never going away completely) so been unable to run.
So all this has left me feeling really down and depression and anxiety have flared to the point I've found everything difficult to face. I'm going to try spend some time reading through the support books I have, and just hope pain eases so I can run again soon. I really want to complete the Ultra in 2 weeks even if have to walk most of it.

thanks for reading all, and wishing everyone well



well took some of my pain meds, and managed a 5 mile sensible jog pace feeling much better mindfully for being able to get out and hope that my leg needed a warm up and stretch out as was feeling painful doing nothing anyway.

things a bit better now