Friday, 17 July 2015

New Goal - an International Event. updated

 So as the Snowdonia Trail marathon is a week away... I've been thinking about goals, not just running but social ones too, I really am trying to work on depression and anxiety to lessen them enough to increase social confidence and be able return to work for the social interaction and self worth, but also it would be nice to not struggle financially!

I would also like give myself a goal outside of this and I want to compete in an another country ideally a marathon/ultra, the Scandinavian countries appeal and I have seen the Fire & Ice Ultra Multi day but at £2000! that might have to wait a long time....unless anyone wants to sponsor/support me in the event! :)

It has been a long time since I travelled anywhere abroad so this would be a HUGE step but its one to set as a long term goal...

found a few possible events now, will take some planning but I want to take this step forward eventually

wishing all well and happy
Gareth (TheTryAth)