Monday, 20 July 2015

Bronco Billy aka Jeff Browning - great motivation and advice

Hi All
 One of the great things I've found since starting using Running/The outdoors to cope with my depression/anxiety, is the amount of truly motivational people out there on social media. I've found running and event tips and advice but also just reading race reports and about their training inspires.

I think one of the best Blogs by an Ultra runner I've read is by Mr Bronco Billy aka Jeff Browning, this guy  is motivational and good at what he does, thirteen 100 mile race 1st places takes some doing! but also his blog posts with race reports are educational, funny and make you want go run. He is also a nice and modest guy who is also trying give something back by trying help build trails in the Patagonia national park.

so feel free to head to and  read about a positive and nice guy, doing what he loves and doing it well!

have a great week all
Gareth (TheTryAth)