Saturday, 16 May 2015

Squat Challenge to increase running strength

So  my week has been squats...lots of Squats, I've decided take up 30 day Squat Challenge this has come about as with me still getting niggling injuries in my calf's. I need up the strength in my legs for the Snowdonia trail marathon so I've been doing a daily Squat session at home and upping the numbers, its just an additional but should help when I need run for the hills! :) it also wakes me up and gets me feeling positive it is a good way to break any rubbish thoughts.

I have seen lots doing the 30 day Squat challenge this is kind of my own version, I've started at 150 a day as I'm comfortable with that, but going push the numbers. will let you guys know I get on.

now the final part of this update my shiny new jacket, when I was out on Brecon Beacons I realised I needed a new trail running jacket that was lightweight and really waterproof, I had some Amazon vouchers I'd saved and Amazon had a 20% off sports&outdoors offer  so I treated myself to a Montane Smock, I'll be posting a review soon.

updates soon