Saturday, 2 May 2015

better legs,bad backs,new gear and expeditions!

Hi all
 Lots going on this week firstly dodgy leg feels a lot better no pain when walking now so should be running on it again soon, but... I went to circuits on Wednesday got carried away (forgot I have a back made of glass) and popped my back again, its not too bad now but the muscle spasm made muscles  locked so taken few days for them to ease up, I should be ok start of next week.

Now next week I need be better as lots happening new gear reviews to do, including Newton Trail Shoes and still need review the Hoka one one shoes.

I also am off on an expedition to...Brecon Beacons, so ok not really an expedition but a weekend of walking and climbing all thanks to winning a competition prize from Merrel! this is a big thing for me to go away for few days is something not done for a long time, with my problems with depression and anxiety stuff like this is difficult but it is a big step forward. I'm going with my Nephew who kindly puts up with me :)  (and is a far better runner).

so end of next week should be some more interesting blog updates, wish me well as very nervous about going somewhere new, but hopefully will manage step forward.

happy running or just happy whatever all