Saturday, 16 May 2015

Mindfulness books and exercises :)

Hi all

So this week has all been about the positives for me, it is easier when the sun is out. I realised I have been neglecting my Mindfulness exercises to increase mental health though.

Mindfulness exercises

 so I've started reading up again as lately I've had a few injuries again and they get me down. I really find the mindfulness useful it just helps focus on the good and clear my mind, and think about what you really want and what makes life better. There are lots of books out there if anyone is interested, I use 'Mindfulness: A practical guide to finding peace in a frantic world' but try local library or online and free audio downloads too. I will say that it takes time to get real benefit though and give yourself a full chance by doing it somewhere you get a bit of peace :)

Mindfulness does take a while to get comfortable with, and to get best results have to use it regular I've found, but it does help with breaking depression cycle for me and eases my anxiety problems, if listening to audio a worthwhile tip is try a few as I've found I find certain voices easier to respond too, as I think most people do. I guess  try it and find what works for you! also from speaking to other people find what time of the day you respond best as this seems to vary :)

on a final point I really think Mindfulness exercises benefit me not just against depression and anxiety, but also my approach to life in general my goals and enjoying the basics :)

Hope everyone is well.
happy running/walking or just being happy :)