Thursday, 5 March 2015

upcoming reviews...exciting! and other bits and bobs

Hello world, I'm very happy and excited to say I'll have some new gear reviews posted soon! a Polar M400 GPS watch which is going to be a real boost to my training has arrived, cannot wait to get the miles done with this. Now as you now from past posts I am looking to move from pool swimming to open water...well now have a ZONE3 advance wetsuit to use so will be looking forward to adding that to my training and letting you know how I get on :).

also if anyone is looking for competitions there are a few available to enter on the runningbug website at the moment to win running gear,one is post a selfie (for all those that love them enjoy!) and another is a video comp and also a training one join north or south and put the miles in! all good fun though..I use a few running sitesfor motivation its always great to read positive stories from others.

oh and I need test the comment feature on the blog for a future post,could anyone send a test comment to see if they are coming through.
thank you