Sunday, 8 March 2015

first week of march...

So that's the end of first week of march done, have tried to be positive and have seen some benefits. I realised after last half marathon I need increase my stamina so this week has seen longer runs on more hilly terrain, this seems to be paying off todays 10 miler was under 8 minute miles and was a comfortable pace felt great at the end and gave me a confidence boost. Also now have a GPS watch an M400  from Polar which I'm going to review soon, and this has been great for running outdoors and see my results accurately.

I've still been looking at next event to enter, financially things are difficult so this is having an effect but will get another one in soon although I will be definitely running either a half or hopefully full marathon at the end of June , and I am booked on a mudrun also.

I've been really gratefully for running this week as finding things harder now therapy course came to an end, running does not solve all problems or take away the bad days I have, but it gives me something positive and any positive I can find is good. I often feel like depression will never go but find when running it sometimes helps break these thoughts, it has and is one of the most helpful things I do to fight the problems I have with my mental health.

wishing everyone well.