Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Polar M400 GPS Watch - Review UPDATED

I am lucky enough now to own an M400 GPS watch and activity tracker from Polar  , used this for a couple of weeks now so  feel ready to review it.

First impressions
They count and they are good when you open up the box and see this watch, good sized screen and the strap is wide and has the holes close together so you get a good fit, feels comfortable on and the watch itself feels pretty solid. I also like the look is sporty but not TOO sporty so can wear daily without feeling like your trying to tell the world you own a GPS watch.

standard display shows time/date and has a bar which fills up as you complete your daily activity target,(it also gives reminders to move!) the illuminate function is excellent it gives bright blue back screen with white figures.

Using the GPS
the watch finds signal pretty quick, you just press the middle red button once then scroll to run/cycle/other outdoor/other indoor then press the red button again and away you go.
You can then pause easy by pause and mark a lap with same button or stop with bottom left button.
It then gives a review of your run start time, duration/distance/calories/fat burn %/ average speed/maximum speed.
you can access the diary function and see all your past runs from the watch.

Website Polar Flow
Easy to register and this site gives you just about any info on your past runs you will want, you can set up the watch with your activity level too to give your daily target.

I'm really impressed with watch/activity tracker its a great all in one package (it comes with a chest strap heart monitor too in the pack I got).
easy to set up
easy to use and get out running.
robust design/excellent strap too.
helpful and motivating Polar Flow website.


Hi Polar have released a really useful feature video showing how to get the most out of your M400, So I've posted a link here :)


thanks for reading