Saturday, 14 March 2015

difficult days but tomorrow is a new day.

Well not posted much this last week, a few reasons I got behind on Open Uni work and have felt pretty rubbish all week, both mentally and physically had no energy etc and started going back to the bad days, depression is a slippery slope you take a few steps forward and its always waiting to slide you back :(.

So spending today reading some of my support and therapy book I got from last course and try get myself in a better place, also decided going to start taking some multi vitamins and minerals as physically I need look after myself a bit more, maybe will help energy levels and keeping off illness.

I want to put this last week behind me, and try for a more productive and enjoyable week next week, thank you for all the people who have supported me with this blog, my running and my fight against depression I am grateful for you all.

tomorrow is a new day...
thanks all