Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Snowdon - LLanberis path

I managed to get a walk up Snowdon yesterday, we went up the Llanberis path as weather looked a bit tricky so just wanted a walk without scrambling. It turned out a good idea as weather on upper sections was atrocious high winds and sleet, still the mountain is a great place in any weather, it helps with calming my mind down and cope with depressive thought.

Really glad I went, as nearly called of as not feeling good anxiety is high, it makes life difficult and hardly sleeping again lately with anxiety, which does not help depression...a vicious circle! I want to be better but thought of more social contact is just too much, cannot cope. It is easier to write these things here than say them.

I want a life again....sometimes, then others and most of the time just want lock myself away as cannot cope, tomorrow is another day though and I shall keep trying.

Going to try run more again, I'm still running on good days or moments when I can

hope all is well
Gareth (TheTryAth)