Sunday, 24 April 2016

So my week...well it finished on a better note, I got out and did a longer run again today, I the kept pace comfortable (58:17) and enjoyed my 7 miles. I managed 3 other shorter distance runs too and actually got a bit faster on my 4 miler! so some positives there.

I have also done some other things I have been putting off, I had some appointments about support, always difficult as means have to open up about problems which I find difficult, and lowers mood afterwards and my anxiety goes really high in the days/weeks before an appointment.But I got it done which is a step forward.

I have also started making more moves towards getting more time on the mountains and to help get my mountain leader award, and someone has offered some support and company when they can, they have limited free time due to their work so I am grateful for their offer.

There has also been some helpful feedback from some online sites , and hopefully one is going write up on their blog an advice piece for me and others think of doing mountain awards, about advice for mountain leader award gear etc, so I will link in as I will be reading that.

so a difficult week, stress has been high and some real low points,but I actually got through and got some of the things I wanted and needed to do done, this a good week for me.

Here is to a good week for us all next week
Gareth (TheTryAth)