Friday, 27 February 2015

Inspiration & Motivation,losing them and getting them back.

Hi as sat thinking about next half marathon event in 2 days thought I'd write about some things I struggle with this is Inspiration & Motivation, with running it can be struggle for anyone, but with depression problems it can be hard to motivate to do anything like leave the house or your room some days , let alone run.

So some things that help me...find people and events to inspire, this can be tricky to get right as needs be people who do not make you feel worse about yourself, if struggle to find people around you then running forums can be useful. I've found some great people who do what they because they love it, not to brag and put others down. I still struggle socially and with confidence(easier to be brave and write one here!) so a running forum where just log in and have no pressure works great for me.

I also have started to think about next events after this one, as I find having a goal helps not just with wanting to train, but gives me a bit better about myself that I have even entered. if your like me and find social situations difficult to take running events are actually better as such a crowd its easy to be part of the scenery :)

Now a few words about when lost Inspiration & Motivation, I have had therapy and unfortunately my current course has finished and I am finding things difficult as have much less support, the things I am using to try and move forwards not backwards and get over the bad days are focus points of positivity this sounded a bit corny to me but it seems to work, keep a shelf or something visible to you easily with some things which remind you of times when you have felt positive,achievements, support you have received and some achievable goals...need to be visible easy though as when you feel down we avoid the good stuff.

People if you do not have people around you,bookmark sites forums etc where there have been people writing experiences or anything you have found supportive and positive.

hope everyone is feeling well, running well and if your not(it happens I know) then tomorrow is a new day and I hope you do then.