Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Event Review - Rhyl 10 mile 2015

Hi all, decided to run the Rhyl 10 miler as a warm up to the Anglesey half marathon a week later, ran in this event with my nephew who ran a fantastic run and finished in under 70 mins! which made my day :), I finished in 1:17:31 and was more than happy as I had hoped for 1:20 or just under.

So to talk a bit more about the race the race HQ was good as they used a local café so kept us out the cold and about 500 entered, not as much support as at some races but think that was mainly due to the weather.
the race itself was a cold one as your on the sea front pretty much the whole way and it was a straight out and back to prestatyn (the course did differ from the one on the website) footing was a bit of an issue in parts as waves were splashing onto the concrete and sand but it made it more interesting. The course was pretty flat but was windy which made it harder on the return.
The finish was at same as start and we received a t-shirt a medal (quite a nice one) and the sponsors 9bar provided free snack bars which were very welcome.

all in all a good race and great for those building up to a half marathon as gives you the confidence in going into double figures of distance, just a shame about the weather but cannot blame race organisers for that! (next day was sunny)