Wednesday, 25 February 2015

2XU calf guards and running tights - Gear Review

I've been using +2XU UK  running tights for a while and they have got me through the chilly winter runs, I went for 2XU as they seemed a bit thicker and sturdy than some others I looked at, they are comfy enough and certainly keep you warm.
I have felt the benefits of wearing compression to run also as I have had a few injuries and seem to suffer much less with pulls etc

I decided that I'd try recovery gear also and decided i'd go for calf guards as that's where had a lot of my problems.Firstly same quality as the tights these are definitely made to last, its worth checking the sizes as you may not need your regular clothing size they have measurements on the site. The guards are comfortable to wear for a long period of time without creating too much heat.

under pressure....well compression have certainly felt the recovery benefits after short runs but much faster recovery after long runs (last sundays 10 miler) less tightness and no aches.

would recommend trying compression especially those like me who need something to hold them together while they fall apart :)

+2XU UK  tights cost about £75 and calf guards about £35.

available from most places also their own site