Sunday, 21 August 2016

Sunday night write up

Hello all
I've really been trying this week to cope with things better, I say this as had some bad days but working on how I deal with them and trying not let them last as long! (easier said than done, but as long as I try that's what counts). So despite bad visits from the "Evil Monkey" that is depression and anxiety, there has been some good.

I have managed get myself out running every day and my run streak is on day 28 today!  even though had a few lighter  mile days due to tweaking my achilles, which causes me to stress and the evil depression monkey to sit on my shoulder a lot, but I've tried reading through help material I have to cope and not panic and let it spiral, and on a good note was ok to do a comfortable 10 miler today.

I also started this blog about the outdoors and exercise to help with depression and I know I talk more about running but the other activities help as much and one of them I take part in, and yet do not talk about as much is cycling I realised this and want to promote it to those with depression and anxiety more, for two reasons firstly I know running is not everyone's thing and secondly cycling is great for being able to explore over distances of area's that most runners would not consider. I have been talking to someone about trying write a piece about cycling and hopefully going to have the chance to write up something with lots of knowledgeable input from them soon.

I have also update the Curranz Sport review now as it is the end of week 2, not only am I really pleased with it but also working on something to hopefully get you folks a discount! so you can try it out too :)

just want finish by saying well done and thanks to all those who competed at Rio 2016 Olympics, it has been a great show, the athletes have been inspiring and motivational to watch and thanks to Rio for putting it on.