Sunday, 7 August 2016

Run Streaks, Rio Olympics 2016 and coping with bad runs.

Well today did not go as planned! it is 13th day of my run streak and guess 13 unlucky for some...well unlucky for me. The weather was really hot and I was planning a slow but long endurance run, after about 6 miles though I did not feel good with the heat so decided to play it safe and cut the run short and took a route home so ended up a total of 8 miles, it was also much slower than intended but I guess better safe than sorry, I am trying not be hard on myself about it and just let it go, but these things do get me down.

I've ran 34 miles in total this week  so at least that is an increase, but really want to get comfortable at longer distances again. I guess have to remind myself why I run and not get too focused on just time and distances, bad days will happen in running as with everything and how I cope with them and other let downs is something I am working on.

On a plus I have been trying watch the Olympics, those folks competing are amazing! it is motivating and a positive to try watch when I'm not in good place with depression kicking in, I did feel sorry for the guys in the cycling some nasty crashes with those roads.

I have also been looking at some new routes, I really want to get a little action camera to take some pictures from some of my routes and show why the outdoors helps me to cope with depression and anxiety, it is pretty hard to describe how calming some paths and scenery can be.

oh well hope next run is better and next long run too! and good luck all at Rio 2016 Olympics too, and hope is a good week for all.

Gareth (TheTryAth)