Monday, 15 August 2016

CurraNZ Sport - Super food Supplement - - REVIEW - Updated week 2

I have recently started using CurraNZ Sport a Super food Supplement, I do not usually go in for supplements, but one of the problems of depression is energy levels and these seemed like they could help also with recovery which as I get older has got a lot harder.

so a little about CurraNZ Sport - it is a superfood made from New Zealand Blackcurrants it is also suitable for vegetarians and Vegans too.

  • Blackcurrant polyphenol componds, called anthocyanins, may have great potential for health and disease prevention
  • They are naturally-occuring plant compounds that give the fruit their deep purple colouring
  • New Zealand blackcurrants have one of the highest recorded anthocyanin values and antioxidant activity of any berry

 CurraNZ harnesses all the powerful anthocyanins found in NZ blackcurrants

  • Only CurraNZ capsules contain EnzansTM, a proprietary blend of 35% New Zealand blackcurrrant anthocyanin extract   
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans 
  • Each capsule contains the equivalent of approx 85 NZ blackcurrants
Offering great value for money, one 30-capsule pack has the equivalent of 2,500 nutrient-dense New Zealand blackcurrants 
Week 1

This is the results after week one ( the loading period) firstly I want to talk about side effects, the main reason being I have suffered none! this in itself is a real benefit as I have a sensitive stomach and when I tried some other juice type extracts I felt sick, but I have been fine with CurraNZ.

I started using these part way through my current run streak so have been training regularly, which for me normally means I struggle with energy to train and definitely with achy legs. The energy levels I have had has seemed to increase noticeably, especially towards the latter period of the week, and the recovery has been fantastic no walking like a robot.

This is the review after week 1 I am going to update during a month of use

Week 2

So last run of week 2 done and it was a 10 miler! it felt pretty comfortable too at a pace of 8:09 a mile and was not pushing the pace, over all miles slightly less this week as I tweaked my achilles so dropped miles during the week, but recovery is still great be it a long run or a speedy one no aches the next day, and energy levels are good as runs seem easier and I'm a lot less tired in latter stages of runs. Just want mention that still no side effects of stomach problems which is such a benefit with a supplement..

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