Wednesday, 15 April 2015

new activity...short circuit! UPDATED

Well got the courage up to try a new activity a VIPR(weighted bar) and TRX (straps secured to wall you hold onto for bodyweight exercise), mainly because had some problems with dodgy right calf so given I've given it a little rest and been on the cross trainer, but  I've wanted try circuits again but still find social interaction decided to give it a go.
This class was at 6:45AM so pretty quiet, the circuit was great though and the instructor helped a lot very positive and friendly.The exercises were mostly body weight apart from the VIPR stuff but lots of core exercises and squat type stuff(good for the hill running) it was a total change from anything I've done for a long time.

The result I enjoyed it even though I found it really hard work, I certainly want to go again and it has got me thinking I might try buck up the courage to try a different circuit class.

UPDATE 16/04/2015

W ell after feeling great that got to circuit class went for a run in the evening slipped in kerb and pulled my dodgy calf looks like cross trainer and circuit trainer are going be all I do for a while! hopefully a week or two :(