Sunday, 5 April 2015

Mixed week start 30/03

Hi all
  I struggled to get going this week and then first run (10 mile) was a shocker felt rubbish and slow, I think from a mix of really poor diet for the few days before and not running for 7 days. So got again the next day for a shorter faster one(5mile) which felt better and then today did a 9 mile walk up Snowdon with a friend just to get some more miles covered and get my legs more used to the steep ascents...need start putting things in place for Snowdonia trail marathon. I really struggle on ascents so going to need to really work on it over next few months.

On a positive have seen the sun out this week, it just helps when mood is low and need motivation to get out and run.Anothe piece of good news a relative who has been very supportive has again! by ordering me a pair of trail running shoes to prepare for Snowdon, I am so grateful it was unexpected and I want use them for a good performance now :)

happy running all