Saturday, 21 May 2016


Hi all
I've had these boots for a weeks now thank to HI-TEC and have waited to post review till had given them some good use. Here is the photo's from unboxing these beauties :)

 I've worn a lot of different hiking boots over the years from heavy winter boots and military combat boots to lightweights and it is hard normally to get a good balance of support and construction without the boot getting very heavy. The Hi-Tec's have coped really well with this and gave me plenty of support(I have a dodgy ankle) on some really poor terrain, the tread also is well designed and I found it bit into the terrain when I need it on scrabbley ascents and descents. When talking about comfort it is worth mentioning the OrthoLite® Impressions insole these do as promised and after you've worn them for a while they do mould to your feet, and you notice this when swap from a normal shoe to them.

The weight does make a difference when trying set a bit of a pace and these boots keep your feet warm but not uncomfortably so even in quite warm weather I found, which can be a problem with some waterproof boots. I think the Vibram RollinGait System midsole which is designed to help your walking gate also helps you set a brisk pace naturally, well it seemed to help mine.

So to give some info I have tried these on some long walks on trail paths, also mountain walk and some hill walks so they have coped well in all conditions too (mostly wet Wales, but few warm days!)

Thanks HI-TEC for making a great pair of boots which I happily recommend, and the big question would I buy again...yes! I have some more images from the field tests as soon as I get sent them (they were not taken on my phone..)

here is a direct link to HI-TEC Online store if anyone would like more information
Gareth (TheTryAth)