Tuesday, 3 November 2015

November focus..back on my feet

Hi all
well November is here,  and after being really limited on what I could do exercise wise due to injury in October lets hope for a better month.

October I managed do the Ron Hill challenge of at least a mile a day, but kept it slow and low miles, this month leg feels a lot better so going gently increase the miles although not push pace too much. I need get some cardio back and also lose some belly! as my weight has gone up while injured, feel bad = eat bad with me and its not a good combination!

I'm also going try October behind and try pull myself together and get my thoughts and goals on track, last month depression really had some bad days,weeks...and anxiety too. I want life to improve so back to therapy books and trying push forward with new things, social interaction is still hard and I've slipped back so need work on it this month.

Hope this finds everyone well, and I hope its a good month for all

Gareth (TheTryAth)