Tuesday, 24 November 2015

a goal to work for Scott Snowdonia trail marathon

a life update!

I've taken some steps to try push forward again(yep all had slid downhill since injury), so spoke to therapist and I need give some goals to work on again, so today I booked my place in the Snowdonia trail marathon in july 2016 I ran in it this year and enjoyed it although I want beat my time! (I really struggled).

Also I need get back to the gym not just for running fitness but the circuits and squats help! but socially I've cut myself off again last few months, its not been helping my depression and anxiety so going gradually get back to going.

I need to take part in more events too so over next few months will be looking at entering some more, especially anything where I get social interaction...it scares the hell out me but need do it, asd I want a life again rather than depression 

hope this finds all well

if anyone likes the idea of running in snowdonia trail marathon here is the link, let me know if running too!


Gareth (TheTryAth)