Sunday, 31 July 2016

running event suggestions needed

Hi this week unintentionally turned out to be a little run streak. I had Monday, the day after Snowdonia trail half marathon off then have run every day so far, so six runs in six days and a total of 30 miles. I have not crazy on the distances just have wanted to run everyday and been able! (no pain,so far), I did a longer one today of 8 miles and even that felt ok and I did it in 1:05:27.

It has helped massively with mood too, as the bad spells with depression and anxiety have not lasted as long when had them over the last week. I hope the next week is as good as this one running wise, and will keep trying be more positive. I've also been feeling more inspired run wise and as well as wanting to complete my mountain leader course, as another goal I really want to build to running in an event abroad, I'm thinking Iceland at the moment as always wanted to visit there.

If anyone has any suggestions on some amazing international running events ideally at least half marathon and up to trail ultra, then let me know! all suggestions welcome.

you can get me at twitter as I'm @thetryath

hope it has been a better week for all,and next week is better still!